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Leaf guard was installing gutters on my neighbors house when I saw the ladder in my flower beds. I told him to move it and he refused rudely. After I told him he had better come down fast or I would move it myself he replied “cu@t.

The delivery guy had already parked his large truck on my yard two days before and refused to move it while he ran gutters.

This company hires rude people.

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Nothing advertised on TV seems to be anything like it's presented.


What, rude employees called you a "C" and parked their truck on your lawn. 1) You already told them to move it, they refused.

2) Poke their front tires, now they have two flats, maybe more. I would flatten them all. 3) Call the police. Move it or get it towed at their expense.

4) Flats? I have no idea what their talking about! 5) Get a police report for your lawn damage.

6 Take them to Small Claims Court. 7) Enjoy the rest of your day, those rude workers got what they deserved.


Before leaving the job site today one worker was singing {{Redacted}} over and over as he cleaned up. Then he grabbed his {{Redacted}} and thrust toward me.

Then he said “Come over here I want to tell you something.” Of course I did not go over. He then proceeded to tell me I should thank my neighbor or he would have installed the downspout to drain on my property.

I am appalled at the rudeness of leafguard employees. I would never hire them for any work and wish them to not be on my property or anywhere near me.

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