Vancouver, Washington
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My Mom had leaf-guard gutters installed on her house in the country. She is allergic to wasp and hornet stings.

The design of the leaf guard gutter is so that these dangerous pests are able to build nests and no one, not even the professional exterminators in the area, can get into the gutter to eliminate this life-threatening problem! When contacted, they were condescending and did absolutely nothing but make my Mom more frustrated.

I would think, that when presented with a potential life-threatening problem with their design, that they would care enough to at LEAST try to come up with a solution.

I would also like to hear of any other Leaf-Guard customers who have this problem.

Reason of review: Life threatening design flaw.

Preferred solution: Figure out a way to if not prevent the building of hornet and wasp nests, to remove them in a timely and effective manner..

  • Wasp Nests
  • Hornet Nests
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