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In 2013 I had Gutters, down spouts, and your covers put on my home. The reason I choose LeafGuard was because of its warranty and the assurance that I would never again have to deal with water run off problems. Early in 2015 I noticed water running off the gutters not into them, and I contacted the company in Seattle WA of the problem, they sent a technician to investigate. He found the screens completely covered with fur needles, which I was told would not happen that they would just wash off. He cleaned off the screens and told me not to worry about it anymore. This month (Dec 20015) again the water is running off the gutters, so I contacted your Seattle office with my concerns. I received a phone call from, he said the LeafGuard manager for WA State, and he said if they sent someone to my home to investigate the problem, and it was a problem of my not doing proper maintenance on my roof, not keeping it swept off, there would be a $75.00 charge. I was told by the salesman I would never have to get on my roof, which was good because I am a disabled Vet and cannot do that. If the purpose of telling me there would be a charge to come to my home and tell me I should climb up on my roof to sweep it off was to stop my raising of a concern about a $7000 gutter job, it only increased my resolve to raise the level above the state manager. If that does no good then I plan to broadcast as loud and as far about my dealing with your product and warranty.

John Ritter

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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UPDATE. After finally being able to talk to Mr.

Ritter, it was determined the product he purchased and had installed on his home was not LeafGuard but one of the filter screens on the market. The information in his message didn't correspond with anything we would have done and after chatting with him, he found his paperwork and discovered the error. We did request he post additional comments of the mistake, but at this time, he has not done so. Additionally, LeafGuard did make an offer to see what we could do to replace his unsatisfactory product with our product, at a very satisfactory cost to him but as of yet, he has not responded so.

Wanted to update everyone on this status of this. Thanks.

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