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Called leafguard with a problem that their gutters were leaking between house and gutters. They made 5 appointments to repair the problem that they did not keep.

When they finally came out they took pictures but not of the problem the installer work on the leaks but it didn't correct the leak. So leafguard GM e-mail the pictures and told me it was my fault. I don't understand if it was my fault why did the installer work on the leak. Installer told me he found 2 big staples in the shingles that suddenly appear which wasn't there when their field rep looked at the leak.

So I told leafguard they could remove their gutters and give my money back. So I got tired of excuses and no solution. We had a hailstorm some of the gutters got dented so instead of having leafguard repair my gutters I had leafguard gutters removed and replaced with a quality gutters for $6000 less than leafguard. The new gutters will still keep out leaves and debris.

So in closing leafguard does not care about the elderly just themselves.

Bought the gutters because I have a heart problem and unable to clean gutters. The must be a proud business not to work with the elderly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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