Richmond, Texas
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This salesman’s name is Jimmy Clifford

Appointment is 9:00am Sat. (Oct. 29, 2016)

Detail is below:

1, I gave him for around 1 hour to measure my house outside, sitting in my house to do paperwork, typing in computer and play with his cell phone, show me some pictures, my expectation is 1 hour, and I think it is enough for a one story house to have a gutter quote.

2, It is a Sat. morning, I still have other things to do, I asked him how long he will need, because I have some other things to do, and I need to eat breakfast. He replied very rude, he said: you made the appointment, it is your fault you did eat the breakfast before I came. However, it is a Sat. morning, why could not I have a brunch with my wife and my friend outside around 10:30 AM? How do I know, just a simple quote will take more than one hour.

3, Oh well, even I made the appointment @ 9AM, and I delayed my breakfast and spend time with the salesman, I asked him how long does he need, he did not answer my question and replied me very rude. Then I asked him the second time, he said he needs to have another 30 – 45 mins to finish the quote, then I told him, I will gave you another 30 mins, please give me the quote. He refused my request and left.

4, I asked him to give me the manager’s phone number at the road out of my house, he tried to not give me until I keep asking, and he said: This is already public area, Your Asian People, this is USA.

5, I told him again, I already spend one hour on your quote process, I can give you another 30 mins to find the quote, and he refused again.

6, Then I told him, I do not want to waste the time which I already spent, you should finish the quote, and he said he made a lot of money and more money than I did, he does not care the time I waste, he is the best salesman of this company, he is not afraid that I will make a complaint.

In conclusion, this guy who is Jimmy Clifford, who is a very racial, conceited attitude to customer, rude, low efficient salesman.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LeafGuard Cons: Very bad salesman, Very rude and racial salesman on appointment.

  • Leafguard By Beldon Houston
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Racist behavior is not something to ignore. It needs to be reported so that something can be done to stop it.


To each his own. If you don't like the guy then don't buy anything from him

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