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Excellent gutters. In 10-year time span 2007-2017, very pleased with performance and quality.

However; in 2018 a heavy rain year, I noticed water pouring & overflowing from gutter section onto the house, windows, and main entrance door. I knew it had to be a clog. I contacted LeafGuard rep in St. Joseph, Minnesota so LeafGuard could follow-through with their "System is guaranteed not to clog with leaves, pine needles, or other organic debris as long as you own your home, or LeafGuard contractor will fix/clean for free." After 17 days and multiple calls to LeafGuard and getting their run-around/excuses as to why they had NOT put me on the schedule; ie., "We're busy, nobody in your area, the manager is out of town, etc." I noticed water damage occurring around the door and interior floor in that short 17-day period.

I called again, begging, and LeafGuard says "Now we're booking out into mid August (another 30 days)" and they continued to refuse to add me to their schedule giving me more excuses. At that point I realized I'm getting the run-around. I firmly believe that because I WAS NOT A NEW SALE and it was going to cost them a little bit to send out contractor to unclog, is the real reason I was not put on their schedule. I made the unsafe decision to pull out the ladder to diagnose and try to resolve.

Dangerous situation, sloped terrain, nobody to help me and hold ladder; otherwise I will incur more costly interior water damage. I prayed to Jesus "God keep me safe." Trembling and shaking while the ladder slid/swayed on the uneven slope, I finally spotted the clog at the entrance of where gutter meets downspout. Access extremely difficult through the narrow opening. Using a 9-inch length tweezer and painstaking difficulty, I managed to remove the clogged debris.

The entire process took me about 2 hours.

Thank God He kept me safe!!! Now I live with water damage, but at least it ceased to get worse since I removed the clog.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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I’ve had Leaf Guard gutters for maybe 10 yrs & I love them. Once I found a birds nest in gutter & I called leaf guard in south bend & they came 2days later removed nest & I haven’t had any more problems with Leaf Guard.

Leaf Guard does what they say they do & backs up lifetime warranty.

Great Product! Marc Portage Indiana