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Last week I asked for an estimate from this company for leaf guard on my home, Kevin was the rep that came into my home! He explained to myself and my mother that this was simply an estimate and in no way was obligation for services, He also stated that I had 72 hours to make my decision, I did talk with my room mate and my mother and we collectively decided that at this time was not urgent.

I had my friend call kevin 24 hours later as I was out of town to let him know that I would later contact him if we decided the time frame of 3 months is what we had anticipated for this project, However this morning they showed to do the job. I called from work and tried to explain my position and that I was not prepared for this at this time. He got very rude told me I would be responsible for 25% just for signing an estimate acknowledgment. They did not call to confirm, they did not notify me that this was to take place, they had no communication at all!

my question is this, " Is this company so hard up for jobs that they underhandedly show up at peoples home's while the owners are working only to discover they now owe 5,000 dollars?" If this is leaf guards idea of the outstanding customer service I was so poignantly told of, Keep it! I am one unhappy almost customer. And in three months I would have hired this company. Now word of mouth will be their advertisement.

I am 55 years old I am in the business world i run in a very tight circle, and I will be contacting the BBB. unacceptable!

I strongly advise to everyone not to let these people in your home period. They lie and have no customer service.

Donna W.

Sterling, va

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Estimate.

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And Zipper, you work for who? One of those companies that avoids having to be

licensed because you put those flimsy mesh

toppers on top of someone's old gutters?

Do you tell them in time they'll have to buy gutters too? Beldon is a HUGE commercial and residential roofing co. out of Texas that has done installations all over the world. Whether they are licensed or not to hang gutters wouldn't matter as much to me as the length of time they've been in business, how financially stable they are and what their warranty says.

Beldon ISN'T a company that changes their name so they don't have to honor warranties. And, in Ohio, licensing is a city by city thing.





A few years ago I contacted the LeafGuard rep here for an estimate and was asked if the "decision maker" would be present, because he wouldn't come out otherwise. When I told him I would be there but would want to discuss the estimate with my wife before making a decision, he opted out. That has been my one and only experience with this company.


LeafGuard is NOT a franchise. It is a family-owned business that has multiple branches.

Please make sure you are only dealing with the folks from LeafGuard or LeafGuard by Beldon. All of the installers are LeafGuard employees, so if you have issues, please contact LeafGuard directly.


No, LeafGuard does not just show up and do jobs. As the other person stated, you must have signed a contract.

Also, please understand that LeafGuard is a franchise, owned by several individuals. Not all sales reps or installers or franchises should be judged on this one complaint.


How about contacting the main office in

New Jersey? It's called Englert and they will bend over backwards to help you. You apparently didn't sign an estimate but rather signed a contract - hence the reason they showed up to do the work. Before purchasing anything check with your local BBB. I think you'll find they have a

good rating. This was apparently a



Thanks for the heads up I was going to call them picked up there card at the expo in Dullas last month....Many Thanks