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I also have the same problem with leaf guard gutters as some of the other people have stated, with the water pouring over the gutter, down on the side of my house, and causing water damage to my basement. I was wandering if anyone had tried to cut the top off their gutter, essentially making it into a standard gutter.

I don't have the money to replace the leaf guard gutters, but thought if I could eliminate the top portion of the gutter, this would solve my problem.

Like to know if anyone has any other idea how to remidy the problem.

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Ed Schmelzer, the salesman with LeafGuard NW in Tigard, Oregon, promised us a full refund if we didn't like the product. No questions asked.

The day they installed the gutters I called to complain. They placed industrial sized downspouts right in front of 2 picture windows. They completely destroyed the aesthetics of our home. They also left sharp metal objects & glue strewn all over the yard & roof. We have animals so this concerned me greatly.

They said they'd move the gutters. My husband flew in from LA where he was working but Ed never showed up. The 2 workers didn't know what to do to solve the problem so left. Today, a week later, I notice a long piece of sharp metal hanging down from the roof in front of our living room window!

After numerous unanswered calls and e-mails, the company calls & tells me they will not honor Ed's promise of a full refund. So it's clear this Ed Schmeltzer lied to us to steal $20,000.00 from us! Needless to say we want our promised refund.

If they damaged the roof, we want compensation for that as well. If LeafGuard doesn't stand behind its promises we'll have no choice but to contact the Attorney General.


Sorry, I'm still trying to find a single video showing these gutters failing on the internet. If they were improperly installed that's another issue but but come on, all these pissed off complaints taken as a whole...

are not believable. If these gutters were so bad there would be at least one video out there showing them failing.


You have a lifetime warranty silly! Call the company and have them fix it! Gesh!!!!!


Any suggestions about a sealant for Leaf Guard gutters when there is a leak? Silicone?

Roof Cement? Tempco?


The shingles of the roof need to touch the top of the leaf guard cap and should be short so that the water gets a chance to rollinto the slot instead of over. If the shingle is too long I think a spacer might help.


I have had leaf guard gutters for over 10 years now and they do not work for me either. They water runs over the gutters and causes water damage to the underpart of the house.

The grit and dirt cloggs them up all the time.

It is a never ending battle. They come and clean them out and then a month later I'm right back where I started.


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