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After having "LeafGuard" gutters installed on my house I now have extensive mold damage inside my home which is not covered by my insurance. I have contacted their VP of Operations Pat Franks in SanAntonio Texas and he won't return my calls, as promised by his asst..

Today I left a message with their CEO Chris Eden. I today notified WJLA 7 On Your Side about the damage those gutters have caused to my home and quite probably to my health.

I am disabled so I spend most of my time in my home surrounded by all of this mold. This gutter "system," in my opinion, doesn't work in the least!

Monetary Loss: $30000.

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I live in the Pacific NW where it is well known that we get a lot of rain and have a lot of trees. I would absolutely discourage anyone from using this product.

It has ruined my home. I now have tens of thousands of dollars of damage to my home. Whenever I call in they try to avoid my calls. I contacted the head office who forced the local team to come out but never would concede that they didn't work and give me a refund.

Whenever there is more than a trickle of rain, it flows right over the gutters. I have had to have a sump pump installed, it has runied my deck and I have hade to replace boards, and now when I have the gutters replace I am having to replace the soffet because of rot. I have to have my roof and my gutters cleaned more than I did before.

The local Leafguard contractors, try to avoid your calls and say they never remember telling you things. I would not recommend that anyone in the NW get these gutters