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9/2/18: Finally heard from Terry again in late June. An appt.

was set for July 31st. They came and that technician made an adjustment to one side and we agreed I would wait on a rain and if it worked, I would call and he would come out to do the other side. His fix worked well on the one side, so I called him around the first week of August and he informed me had had left the company. I called Terry at that time and he set an appt.

for them to come out on August 30th. Late that day, I called him to see why they didn't come and he told me he was no longer with the company and referred me to Taj at the LeafGuard office. I spoke to Taj and she said "let me get my iPad and I'll call you back in 30 minutes". Several hours later, I called her back.

She said she was driving, but promised to call me between 8 and 8:30 on the next day (8/31). At 2:45 on 8/31 I called her. She was rude when I asked why she had not called. She said she was very busy and didn't remember who had called her the day before.

Set supposedly has set an appt. for Sept. 7, but when I asked her if it would be morning or afternoon, she was angry and said she couldn't do that and had to go because another call was coming in. I have spent countless hours waiting on these people since June and am unfortunately, not confident at all they will show up on 9/7, but we will see.

Obviously, this company is in turmoil and experiencing a high rate of turnover. If I were you, I'd stay away from them!!!!

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2018

Follow up: As of 6/22/18, no resolution. After several other phone calls to the corporate office, we spoke to Terry who first said we had no recourse, but finally (after this complaint) agreed to come and look.

According to him, the installation was not according to Leafguard specificiations and since the original franchisee (Beldon) was out of business, he agreed to at least put the gutters to Leafguard specifications, although he felt it would not solve the problem. Solving the problem involved (he says) would require roof deflectors and even though we agreed to purchase them, he said they would NOT install them. Anyway, the work he did agree to do has not been done. I spoke to him two weeks ago and he said he would put the work on their schedule ASAP.

I even received a follow-up text from him stating that.

Now, I have followed up by phone and text and he is not responding to my messages at all. More lies and poor customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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