Chicago, Illinois
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I love my LeafGuard. It is everything they said and more. How nice to be

worry free. Another company came to my house and showed me a picture of LeafGuard with leaves stuffed in it. LeafGuard had already told me about their clog free warranty so when I asked the other guy why someone with this problem wouldn't call LeafGuard to remove a clog he couldn't answer me. Obviously, having dealt with many home remodeling companies as I

improve my home, I have become very aware of the devious sales tactics used

by many competitors. It's sad, because some people will believe them and

buy an inferior product when they could own LeafGuard. Do your homework is all I can say. Any company that can offer the Good Housekeeping Seal like LeafGuard did, earns my approval and I'll spend my money there. If

Good Housekeeping researched the product and gave them the ok, that's all

I need to know.

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Lets see here. the site is bogus? Is that because you had an experience that may differ from other. because there is a ratio of 10 to 1 (+/-_.

May we ask what a satisfied customer, who already spet thier time and money doing reading these sites?

Many of the stories on here are legit, We have made personal contact w/many people w/LG issues, Some have now turned to here so I know and seen pix of may of these peoples complaints.

Your entry (not the site) smells fishy to me ??