Du Bois, Pennsylvania
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Leaf guard sales rep was pushy and extremely rude. Arrived an hour late (8 pm instead of 7 pm) and would not leave!

We needed 84 ft of gutter and 90 of downspout. Quoted a price of $ 11,849.00 we said No . He started to try to wheel and deal this was around 9:30 pm way to late for his foolishness. He acted like a used car salesman, insisting on calling his boss to try to get us a”better” deal.

After placing the call and telling his boss he thought there was something wrong with us, and To quote him on the ph “ I don’t know, I think they must have some disease, he has cancer or she does,or something “ we NEVER said anything about being sick to him. He was ignorant! Boss dropped the price to$8869. We again said No and told him to leave.

He called his boss again and took off 34 feet of gutter and no new downspout or caps...boss dropped price to $7449. We again asked him to leave. He would not. It’s 10:30 at night he drove a 2 hr drive from Pittsburgh and he would not leave.

We told him we would not pay anymore than $1500. For his gutters, he again called the boss, and insulted as once more by saying our house was old and ugly. His boss said no deal. When he was finally packing up he did a complete turnaround and asked to say a prayer for us as he said he used to be a Christian radio broadcaster and he had to be rude to us because that is how leaf guard trains their reps.

We were finally able to get him out around 11:00 pm DO NOT let these people into your home!

They are rude and way over priced! Their product is no better than any other seamless gutter!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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It must be a sales tactic to show up in the evening and stay as late as possible to try to close the deal. Same thing happened to me.

Very, very shady company. STAY AWAY from them!!

Gloria L



Oh my gosh, sounds just like the dude who came to my parents' home. He even had the audacity to say he drove 3 hours to reach out home and was not leaving without contract.

After 3 hideously long hours, my dad agreed despite my objection. During every storm, I have to go out to empty the "cups" designed to catch pine needles because absolutely no leaves can get in. Funny how they are full of leaves preventing the water from flowing through. The first time I realized something did not sound right, there was a little maple tree growing.

My dad won't complain, I believe he's afraid to admit he fell for this scam. They also charged for twice the amount of gutter used. So wrong. Targeting older people and anyone who ever fell from ladder cleaning gutters...awful company, no idea why they are still in business.

One other thing, even though the installer saw our dogs, he left shards of aluminum all over our yard.

I was frantically picking up these shards for days to prevent sliced feet. Disgusting at best.

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