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In 2006 talked an elderly lady who lived in what is now my mobile home to purchase LeafGuard gutters. The mobile home was built in 2004.

It has a low pitch, and therefore should not have had gutters installed on it- like most of the other mobile homes in the park. After years of silently rotting the entire outer edge of my mobile home’s roof, the damage started showing inside with water stains and black mold. There was an incidence prior to this when I first bought the home. I called LeafGuard because of water damage on the inside of my back door(the kitchen linoleum was discolored and pulling up).

They came and said it wasn’t from them, but the man put a piece of guard on the top of my door to detour the water coming in. ?? Anyways, after the water stains and black mold, I’ve complained to them that it’s their gutters that caused the damning up because they shouldn’t even be on my home in the first place. They refuse to admit fault so I’m taking them to small claims court.

I’m on disability and they have no heart to admit their fault. To me, it was low of them to take advantage of the elderly lady and scam her into thinking she needed the stupid gutters, then on top of that, refusing to even acknowledge that they have any blame for the damage- causing me to have to pay for a new roof with my SSI income.

Shame on this company. I hope buyers beware of the scam tactics out there these days.

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