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I had the leafguard service man come out and give me a quote. He goes through his whole presentation and then he quotes me over $20,000.

This is your basic Ranch style house. It’s not a big house by any means. I laughed in his face and I said to him , “For gutters?! you have to be kidding me.!” He Quickly starts typing some numbers and he says we can do it for 16,000.

I laughed again And said unless you come down more than 50% I’m not interested. He calls the office he negotiates back-and-forth and then he tells me he can do it for $9900. I was actually insulted that with in a half hour the price went down by 50%. That’s a scam.

How many people agree to $20,000 when they could get it for 10? I asked The man to leave.

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