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I had the leafguard service man come out and give me a quote. He goes through his whole presentation and then he quotes me over $20,000.

This is your basic Ranch style house. It’s not a big house by any means. I laughed in his face and I said to him , “For gutters?! you have to be kidding me.!” He Quickly starts typing some numbers and he says we can do it for 16,000.

I laughed again And said unless you come down more than 50% I’m not interested. He calls the office he negotiates back-and-forth and then he tells me he can do it for $9900. I was actually insulted that with in a half hour the price went down by 50%. That’s a scam.

How many people agree to $20,000 when they could get it for 10? I asked The man to leave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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just curious where are you located


That’s when i knew the company wasn’t for me. He made a “courtesy” call to his boss, started at 11,000, i told them that was way more than I’d be willing to pay.

Got it down to 4700, then said ok I’ll run it by my wife (i know pressure tactics) boss said nope tough *** sign now or it’s back up to 11000. So leaf guard....

out you go! Anyone who can offer something at less than half the price for immediate sales are sketchy as ***