Eugene, Oregon

I had been interested in leaf guard. I talked to a lady at Costco.

I trusted this company and their product, because usually Costco doesn't mess up with what they sell. So I made an appointment for a quote before looking at reviews. It's seemed that they would over charge. My budget was too low to install their gutter.

I called the number on the appointment card to cancel the estimation without rescheduling, scribe a reason honestly. It would be wasting my and their time. The cancellation was approved. But another person called to reschedule.

I told her that I wouldn't install because the budget. 2 days after someone else called me. I ignored that.

Since I made but canceled the appointmen t, their sale person has kept calling me every single day for 2 months now. The number has been blocked though, I can check out her ridiculous message.

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Never trust LeafGuard! They're crooks.

They lied to us to steal our money. They charge whatever they think they can get away with. The salesman makes commission so he or she gets all they can. AND, the product sucks.

We still hear water dripping. They left a huge mess when they installed. And they didn't reattach the flashing so we had metal rods hanging off the roof. They put big ugly industrial sized downspouts right in front of huge picture windows!

These guys are true idiots. Seriously. Save yourself a ton of grief, do not buy a LeafGuard system. And get this.

There's more. Even though we paid them in full ($30k+), they tried to sue us for trying to warn others! Can you believe that? They actually tried to stifle us.

Uh, does freedom of speech mean anything to you LeafGuard? Ugh! They're true *** those guys. Beldon Roofing in Texas owns ours out here in the Pacific NW.

They think they're the Teamsters or something. Mafioso wannabes with redneck accents.

LOL. What a joke!


I find that hard to believe!


Radio ad ten days ago for free estimate and dinner for two. Need gutters,called them. Got an estimate but no Free dinner when requested of him after completion of the estimate.


The salespeople are unbelievable! Schmeltzer lied through his teeth!

He even presented a bogus initial page to back up his lies. Criminals. Desperate criminals.They can't make much money because this guy has a second job as a collections agent. And he still lives with his mother.

:D :D Small town crooks. Pathetic!