LeafGuard - Ripping off Americans One House at a time!!! Price Gouging!!

Sales rep. / Estimator took 2 hours of my time to tell me my home would be $8000.00!!!! That was $50.00 a linear foot!!! I told him they are gutters!!! Get out of my house!!! What a let down!!!

Leafguard doesn't clog

Leafguard doesn't clog cause nothing goes in not even the water
Thought I'd counter any complaints about Leaf Guard with an endorsement. After 40 years of the annul task of setting and climbing a ladder to pull soggy masses of yukk made of bugs,seeds,sticks,leaves and mud out of the roof gutters we invested in leaf Guard gutters....
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I bought my home just a little less than 5 years from now. Whenever it would rain I would have water inthe the one part of my basement. I spent countless hours sucking up gallons of water each time . About a month ago I received a postcard for LeafGuard so I called and...
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I liked
  • No water in basement
I didn't like
  • Not having to spend time vaccuming water out of basement
I found from calling the company that LeafGuard is GutterGuard. Why the name change i dont know. Here is my story. Lots of trees on my property. Gutters needed vleaning two to three time a season. In the fall especialy. I saw an add for GutterGusrd called and hsd them...
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Had Leaf Guard out to give me an estimate for gutter helmets. Was told their system required new gutters and downspouts (house only 1 1/2 years old. Salesman gave me the typical pitch about their product but most of it was denigrating other companies. Would not give me...
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Your best bet is still the "old-fashioned" open metal ones that you occasionally have to clean. Much cheaper and durable but if you find yourself having to clean blockages too...

Had Justin Lassiter come out and “me $10,000 for 4 gutters when he told me I just said no that ain’t happening, so then he went down to 7000, then down the 5000 and family down to $4000! Really that was my clue to get them out of my house! I was promised a gift card...
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Gutter installed AUG 2017 began heavy leaking JUL 2018. Water pouring straight down creating a moat all along foundation in the area. PHOTOS of converging roofs taken at time of contracting showed potential problem area yet no effort made to anticipate or prevent. A...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service

LeafGuard -'s a joke

Leaguard is a joke. The silver-tongued salesman puts on a nice show and they charge you much more than they could ever discount with any "sale" or "promo" . Water pours off of my roof as if there were no gutters at all and in the summer I have an enormous wasp nest every year inside. Do Not Buy
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Their commercial states that standing water causes disease spreading mosquitoes. Though when the installers had to come back out to fix their mistake of putting 2 of the gutters pitch in the wrong direction causing the water to pond up, they said "standing water" is...
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