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I am the Dir of Marketing for Englert LeafGuard and I've just reviewed this site. I am extremely disturbed to see so much negative feedback on LeafGuard.

This is very uncommon and surprising that a Google search for LeafGuard brought this page up right under our Google listing.

This tells me that someone or company perhaps one of this sites advertisers is investing a great deal of money in organic search to insure that these complaints come up when a search is done for LeafGuard

That said, we are extremely concerned about any dissatisfied customers of any of the privately owned LeafGuard franchises around the country.

Just as a point of reference LeafGuard Brand gutters are backed by the Good Housekeeping Institute and have been sold to millions of satisfied customers for almost two decades.

If these complaints are in fact legitimate and not fabricated by our competition then we most certainly are interested in investigaring every one of them.

Please contact me personally at 732 826 8614 and I assure you that I will look into your particular situation as I will look into each of the posts on this very questionable website.

Keep in mind that I question as all readers should the credibility of any consumer service site that offers paid advertising to advertisers who stand to benefit from negative postings listed about their competition.


Mitchell Gaber

Marketing Director

Englert Inc

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I have Leafguard. Im sorry to say that we paid alot for them and they are my nightmare.

In the winter giant icicles off of them. They are really dangerous when they drop. The rest of the year pine needles accumulate in them and they drip the whole time damaging our foundation. It used to be that I could call a LeafGuard maintenance number and they would send someone.

They would charge me $150 to have the guy clean the outside of the gutters. For their sales pitch,,never have to clean gutters. this is definitely not true. I was paying the $150 as I had no choice.

They have disconnected the number. They do not stand by their product and continue to sell their product in our area even though they know there is a problem, refuse to do anything about it and have left us in the dark.

I am 73 years old and cannot go up a ladder. HELP


I hate my gutter guards. They do not work will not hold heavy rain goes over like a water fall.

Causing damage to my basement. Big mistake and very costly.


Oh right, ALL these people are deceiving you to benefit LeafGuard's competitor. And yet, not ONE of them even MENTIONS a competitor's name.

So how can these honest reviews possibly benefit anyone but the unsuspecting consumer.

You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer are ya? Must work for LeafGuard.


They did the same thing to us. My partner is special needs.

They used him ruthlessly to benefit themselves. My partner sadly isn't smart enough to know what happened.

They have ZERO ethics. Why aren't they all in prison?


Oh ***! These complaints are real.

You know full well the hordes of people complaining on a daily business. Ex-employees are even coming forward. Your whole organization is criminal and under investigation. You MUST know that.

I saw to it myself. Your days are numbered. You WILL pay for stealing from good people. You'll see.

Jail is not a fun place to be. And your kid's college tuition? Eaten up by legal fees.

You'll see. Pathetic weak low-life lying thief.


Mitchell, I personally worked at Englert and will attest that numerous complaints were very common with the Leafguard product and still are. They clog with leaves requiring visits several times in a year for one.

When happened to the shedding affect your product literature talks about??? Yes they shed leaves...right through the minute crack and get trapped even better requiring cleaning by someone with a power washer and removing the end caps on the gutter. I recommend to everyone to either leave the gutter open and clean easier or get screens at the downspouts for easy cleaning which is what most people do. The Leafguard product is way over priced for the inconvenience it causes.

Also, good housekeeping isn't exactly my idea of a approval base I trust.

I would rather base my decision on facts and people that have the product. Too many have told me the product is overpriced ***.


My name is Stephen Honea had appt for nob 7 at 6:00 pm no one called to confirm they said they did but cked not there no message then I called and they said they did call REALLY I know if I called or left message called leaf filter instead


I bought leafproof gutter guard on July of 2013. I have noticed when it rains hard the water shoots right past the gutter.This winter I have large ice sickles that I have to break off regularly.

The house is well insulated the gutters holes are froze closed.

Every time it melts water drips over the edge all day long. These might be ok in the south but their not worth a darn in Minnesota.


A follow up reply to Mitch's posting done on 3-24-10 on Pissed cons. We saw a similar posting on a Yahoo site back in Sept 2009 that claimed the similar "oh my we are surprised" by Mitch using the same phone #.

Kinda ironic....

Here we now find another one by Mitch, Once again, claiming to be surprised.

We initiated contact w/him on the phone and in Email back in 2009. We sent him many pix of the matter related to our LG experience. During the BBB arbitration, LG (w/out warning or proper notice). We discovered Mitch (or someone) turned the information over to their attorney and they had a field day w/all the data the consumer voluntarily provided, assUming he was gonna assist. In the end, our contact w/Mitch was short lived (he disappeared). We feel submitting all that info to Mitch may have been a way of performing a sneeky inexpensive form of discovery w/out using procedure). We ended up showing our hand so LG knew what they were against and found ways around it.

At the end of the day, LG's attorney (thru skype) claimed. "We signed a contract". pay up. Totally missing the point why we refused to pay the last part of the contract.

Be careful what you share. it can come back to burn your *** in the end.


We went thru the BBB arbitration, LG admitted to damaging our property. we took extensive still shots and videos of various installations practices (ours and others), we kept all Vmails, all letters to and from LG, we had the Seal deemed the LG system defective and send us a payment.

This is not your competitions posting many of these complaints. I personally can vouch for some of them. We have seen the jobs done.

If this is truly marketing, check w/the seal and see any claims filed against the policy. Do some homework.


If any of these posts had a shred of truth to them there would be an abundance of video evidence on the net. So far, I can't find one video showing leaf guard gutters failing anywhere on the net. I am going to get an estimate and look forward to their installation if the price is right.


good luck


The salesman said they install flashing behind the gutter and this is important to perserve the wood, the installers did not install flashing, they said the shingle hung over the roof far enough. The salesman also said they fasten the gutter to the end of every trus to help hold the facer board tight, installers did not do that.

put screws in at random. We got the rain barrel with the costco purchase but the installer just screwed a hose valve thru the barrel with no gaskets, will leak like a seive, I fixed it myself.

Most of what the installers did was very professional, just not what the salesman said. They are to expensive for what they are but I didn't have to buy and they are working.


Worst decision we've ever made was to install leafguard gutters. The gutters trap sparrows into them and often times they fall down the downspouts.

This last instance was Saturday Aug 6, we called Leafguard corporate who left a message for the Kent WA office as they were not open on the weekend. I let the person on the other end of the line know that the birds would not be alive any longer she said "ok". We called back today the 10th letting them know the urgency of the matter and they cannot squeeze us in until the 17th. Letting the know the birds would definitely be dead by then, they said there was nothing they could do.

This will be the 3rd time we've had to call leafguard to come back out with an issue. Worst decision ever made was to install the gutters and given this last instance we are comtemplating having them torn off and taking leafguard to small claims as this has been a very traumatic experience


I had the LeafGuard gutters installed at my home 3 years ago. I live in the St Louis Region.

Best choice I ever made. I could not be happier. LeafGuard is the best system out there. We get maybe 20 inches total snow per season and have had no issues with ice dams.

With all the complaints I thought I would just add a sane voice to this bitter crowd. I believe it is true, for every complaint there are literally thousands of satisfied LeafGuard customers.


I to have trouble with heavy rains. The water will literally shoot off the roof.

The way my house is situated, that water lands right by the foundation and pours into my basement. Since the gutters are smaller, the water will also run off the roof and behind the gutters. I'm starting to have trouble with wood rot. Also, I have trouble with ice dams that are causing damage inside the house.

I see someone else mentioned that. I paid $6,000 for a medium size house.

I called a roofer and they wanted another $5,000 to fix the problem. I may put that money into new gutters!


My parents got these and wish they didn't. They got them late last year.

First rain fall (and last major one of the year)... all went over the edge and minor flooding in basement.

Called them back out and the tech said "you have to wet down the roof before it rains"

Complained with sales guy, they added more down spouts. Didn't help in the next few minor rail falls. But no flooding (yet).

Come winter HUGE ice damming all over the place on the north and west side, but not east. (More trees and stuff on the west side.)

Have pictures of all of this for proof.


My ten year old home in pristine condition was destroyed by leafguard at first heavy snowfall.

3600 sf of roofing leaked everywhere. we had home inspection, attic insulation, soffit and ridge vents etc. PRODUCT WAS INSTALLED OVER THE DRIP EDGE. Licensed installer admitted this was completely incorrect, refused to put it in writing claiming "people make mistakes". Repair required my insurance despite the fact they admitted faulty installation. LEAFGUARd refused refused to pay for their admitted damages with their insurance forcing me to take the loss they created.



After tens of thousands of dollars in damage their licensed installers will not even remove their garbage gutters from my home.



I worked as a salesman for Leafguard for 4 weeks in 2010. They required us to lie to the customers on every sales call.

If the home owner didn't sign up after 3-4 drops in price (which is a bait and switch), we were to call our boss from the home and lie to get the home owner to talk to the boss for another price drop. Very used car sales.

In the short time there, 8 guys quit and they hired 12 more. Bad, bad place to work.


If you live in a part of the country that routinely gets snow in any measurable amount, do not get a leaf barrier system. The way they are designed makes them prone to ice forming on top.

With regular gutters there is enough of a reservoir in the gutter itself to take up most of the snow melt.

You might get some icicles, but nothing compared to what you'll get with a leaf barrier system. Invest the money in thrice-yearly gutter cleaning instead and you'll be much happier.