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Message to Abraham - You are incorrect about the Good Housekeeping Seal

LeafGuard and all products carrying the Good Housekeeping Seal are subject to extensive evaluation by the Good Housekeeping Institute and yes, you are correct it is an expensive process. But as a competitor of LeafGuard I'm not surprised you are aware of the cost involved. Feel free to call me and I can provide more details.

With regard to the complaints on this site. We take all of these complaints very seriously - that's why I've posted my number and have spoken with numerous LeafGuard customers who have experienced problems with their LeafGuard system.

As I'm sure you know as a former employee of LeafGuard. We are comitted to satisfying our customers.

Your comments couldn't be further from the truth!

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You sound like an embittered ex-employee. I have worked for LeafGuard for 10 years and I know how hard we try to please all our customers. It is apparently a by office

situation but you came from one of the largest offices that installed, what, over 2,000 jobs a year! Of course, you are going to have some services needed. By the

way, do you tell your customers your warranty covers only your product and not the gutters you are putting it on? That when new gutters are needed, they have yet

another expense? You know as well as I do that once LeafGuard is installed, they never have to pay to have their gutters replaced again....ever! Now that's a good warranty.


When in doubt, hit up youtube. Notice to all ppl.

If the company (or non believers) fail to believe the people. Post up your videos and pix of the substandard operation or i installation,. post them up on you tube.

PS: The Good houskeeping seal has made defective product payments(s).

BUT still insures the gutter against product failure or defects (last we looked) w/no changes to their system.

Using good houskeeping as a sales pitch is deceptive. It's all about how much money changes hands.


I don't think you understand, I worked for LeafGuard Chicago / Beldon for over 10 years. In a 5 years span I had to have LeafGuard installed on my own home 3 different times! This is a FACT, and you can easily verify this if you work for Englert. There were times when we had over 330 service calls waiting to be fixed. Sales meetings were canceled because all that paperwork filled the conference room.

I under stand you work for the company, and have to tow the line, but much of this information from this site is absolutely fact, I witnessed it for years. And I, just like you, just recently found this site, and find it to be very factual.

Bill Abraham