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Who do I need to contact

When it rains my gutters are over flowing. Its causing rain to enter my basement. I called 516 681 8462 and was told not in service

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Larry Taylor
According to Leafguard website LeafGuard's unique one-piece hood design utilizes the principle of Molecular Attraction which causes rainwater to cling to the gutter hood and fall into the gutter trough. The narrow opening between the hood and bottom keeps debris out. For more information on LeafGuard Brand gutter systems, or any of your guttering needs, call 1-800-532-3482

why do advertisers use the most ignorant commercials??

leaf gard...and not a tree in sight

1 answer
Larry Taylor
Your question seems to be quite specific. The best way to get the answer is to reach out to LeafGuard Customer Service by phone at (800) 775-5416 or (978) 562-1744 and ask for assistance.

You may also contact LeafGuard Customer Service representatives via the company social media.

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