Baltimore, Maryland

Leaf Guard put new gutters on house in Sept. 2010, Noticed extreme paint chipping on fascia, summer of 2011.

Most of it is on outside corners. Found at least two areas where fascia has rotted. There was no rot at time of installation. Water runs behind improperly installed gutters on the corners causing the issues.

Contacted Corporate in October, was promised a return call. Waited 3 weeks, no call. Called the local branch 11/3, they promised they would be out in 8 days. No show or call even though we called that morning and were told they would be here between 2-5.

Called that evening and was told they would be out on Monday, 3 days later. Called Monday morning and were told they would be here between 2-5. Again no show.

My warranty says workmanship and installation is guaranteed, Guess I'll have to get an attorney to get this corrected. Would not recommend them to anyone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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To Carol: What you have on your home is NOT LeafGuard. There is no "screening" with Leafguard.

We are a one piece replacement system with a curved hood. Look at your contract and find our what you put on your home because it is not LeafGuard.


Would I buy a leaf guard system today NO WAY. I have ruined carpeting and dry wall that the company readily admits is their fault of their product BUT if I want my gutters fixed so my actually work instead of pouring water over them and into my basement I have to eat the damage.

They say IF I hold them to a claim of damages done to my home it will VOID my contract and they DON'T have to repair the gutters. WHAT!!!!

HUM they admit the gutters were installed improperly, they were the WRONG size for our area with the WRONG screening YES we have TONS of pine needles in this region. To say I have to live with the damage they did if I want them to make the gutters work properly, id just plain and simply WRONG. You improperly installed the what I'm told were the wrong gutters that caused the damage...

Repair the damage AND fix the gutters is the correct way to handle customer service. Instead of forcing me to see the lawyer and forcing you to do the right thing.


John Davenport, I welcome you to visit the

Central Ohio branch of LeafGuard, speak with our customers, the BBB, and then speak with our trained consultants and THEN tell me they aren't trained properly. Price is a perception..did you receive what you paid for and were you happy with the price paid - that price may be high for some and low for others but it is what is needed to protect their home with LeafGuard and for us to stay in business to service their home for as long as it is standing. LeafGuard employees don't scan this sight to discredit someone but to keep people from writing falsehoods - like our that what you are, John?


I love the fact that Leaf Guard has employees that scan the complaints listed on the internet. Instead of trying to protect the reputation of their products, they try to discredit the person complaining ("why hide behind anonymous complaints?") Leaf Guards product may be better or just as good as other gutters, but the facts remain... their products are WAY over priced, and their sales force is poorly trained.


Curious, you don't give a state to help anyone out, so do you have snow where the area rotted behind the gutter? In the South rain is common so I would assume moisture is going to rot untreated wood, or fascia, might see if the wood was treated to begin with.


Amazing that people need to hide behind anonymous complaints, if you have a valid complaint why hide?