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My husband is 76 and I am 71. Because of our age, early in December 2010, we had LeafGuard gutters installed for our protection. After the first snowstorm, our entrance stoop was totally encased by ice. Where icecicles used to form across the entire front uniformly and were easy to handle, they were now right over the front door, several feet long, dripping on my stoop and causing this ice buildup--none were beyond that point. Horrified, I called the Burr Ridge, IL office asking for help. Big joke.

The young woman I spoke to was very blunt--there is nothing that can be done about ice formations--read your contract. I told her to have the gutters removed and she said--at your expense. Isn't this lovely? Talk about buyer beware. I asked to speak to her supervisor and he reiterated what she had told me.

I was then told that I had heat escaping from my house from some sort of a leak and that is what caused the preponderance of ice to form right over my front door. They advised me to talk to a professional about "my problem." Even though I had never had this problem before, I had someone come in to check for a leak.

There is no leak. My garage is attached to my house and it is unheated. Naturally, my house is heated and where they are attached is where this ice is melting and forming the icicles. Apparently, this has always been the case, but with the other gutters, the water wasn't trapped and flowed through the entire gutter, thus, uniform icicles across the entire front.

I cannot believe that LeafGuard is unaware of these dangers.

This company is in it for the purpose of making money. That's fine. I'm all for free enterprise. However, when you deliberately sell a product that could ultimately kill someone, this should not be allowed. I am a highly principled person, and I am appalled that this practice can be allowed.

Looking at our house, the salesman had to know what might happen if these gutters were installed, and yet never said a word. I'm sure he is paid by commission.

These gutters are not inexpensive by any means. We are retired people and being on a fixed income have to pay attention to our money. We now have to pay to solve a serious problem caused by this unconscionable company. Shame on you, LeafGuard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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We are pleased to hear some oen got their issues resolved. hope it was a long term correction.

We home Pandora2 keeps us abreast of her long term experience.

Why do customers have to go thru all the BS, the complaints, communications abuse (hung up on, silence, etc) and all the hassles and arbitration's to get action? We filed our complaint on here, no LG rep contacted us.


Dear Pandora2,

As General Manager of LeafGuard Chicago, customer satisfaction is my number one goal and that is the same goal of our entire company. I was more than happy to assist in resolving the issues that you were having on your home with LeafGuard. In any situation, all we ask for is the opportunity to service what we sell. While the vast majority of our installations require no service calls, when service is needed we are usually able to quickly evaluate any concerns and rectify the problem. It is because of our dedication to our customers that LeafGuard Chicago currently has earned an A+ rating with the BBB and Angie’s List. We will continually strive to keep these ratings.

Thank you again for letting us resolve your issues. We appreciate your business!

Brian Gilliland

General Manager

LeafGuard, Chicago



After my posting my dissatisfaction about Leafguard, a representative contacted me and arranged to have this problem resolved. This was done to my satisfaction, I am happy with the results, and thank Leafguard for attending to my problem.


Hello, I work for Midwest LeafGuard handling the upper Midwest. Our offices cover Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Omaha.

Where a regular gutter collects the ice inside the gutter and builds it up on your roof LeafGuard you will have icicles coming down however there are heat cable options available to help eliminate the formation of ice.

If you would like this please call us at our office 1-800-873-1451.


Andy Lindus