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Complaint only applies to the sales approach. I have no experience with the actual product, nor do I have any reason to doubt that the product may perform as advertised.

We asked LeafGuard to come out to our house for the purpose of offering an estimate. Representative was nice and professional and commenced making measurements and evaluations. When he was done, he came in and began his presentation. I informed him early on that I was not interested in a sales pitch; I was familiar enough with the product and was merely interested in a financial quote. He proceeded to ignore my request and went into a hard sales pitch. He did not deviate from what I perceived to be a well-rehearsed presentation which included company history, videos, and pulling sample after sample of competitors’ products for comparison purposes. Good information I suppose, but I was not interested in it and told him as much... to no avail. He presented his quotes as “today only offer” which I found off-putting and suspicious. I also told him early on that there was no way I was going to make such a financial obligation on the same day without time to consider my financial situation and if that was his expectation, then we were done. He ignored that and continued to press for an immediate commitment.

Also, I found it suspicious that his first quote was five figures. When I balked at that, he “found” one special discount after another that could be applied. By the time he was done, the figure was less than half of the original quote. I repeated my position that I was not going to make a financial commitment on the spot regardless of the price.

Product may very well be the best on the market. Just be prepared for a hard sales pitch that is best left to cheesy used car lots. I found it offensive and a waste of my time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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When I started working for Leafguard in Cleveland Ohio they were a good company to work for. I was never into a hard sales pitch and was eventually fired for not "closing the deal" on the first appointment.

They hired various "experts" to train you but they were all the same. Keep pushing the customer till they signed the contract. I only treated people the way I would want to be treated. The product itself works to a point but some applications don't.

The owners of Englert {based in San Antonio} seems to have bought into the "need for greed" ways of doing business. They shake and bake their sales force fairly often - didn't used to be like that.

I'm retired now but just want to leave you with one thought. "buyer beware".


Our apologies if our sales representative didn't meet your expectations during the presentation. We do strive to exceed a customer's expectations, whether during the presentation, installation or any service requests in the performance of the system.

We appreciate the opportunity to have talked with you and would love to see if we can review the pricing and see how he arrived at the price.

If you could send me your contact information, I would look into it and get back to you with an explanation. Thanks in advance.

Pat Franks

Vice President

Leafguard By Beldon, Inc.


Exactly the same experience I had....except my wife wasn't home and salesman hesitated discussing the product without her. When I said ok, bye...he clicked into his canned presentation.

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