Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

A few weeks ago I took a job with Leafguard in Pa I should have known right away this was a bad idea as my first job was to hire people to go door to door and work events and to do this I had to use my own credit card to place the ads and I would be reimbursed for it. After two weeks I was not getting reimbursed I spoke with the general manager Adam who assured me he would get it done only problem is he was going on vacation oh well my problem right?

So the following week I sat with Amanda who was from corporate and was informed I needed to run the ad 5 times a day I said hold on really I would be spending a grand a week and she got an attitude her response was she would do it then. She place two or three ads and I gave her receipts for the ones I had placed the next day she explained this job wasn't for me. So 3 weeks later no money given back to me and I have contacted Adam he always has a line of getting it taken care of but at this point I have had it. This company actually hired me and expected me to pay for their advertising what a joke.

If you go to work here trust me do not I repeat do not use your own money you will either never see it or get talked down to for asking for it. This was the office on the Spring Run Road Extension in Corraoppolis Pa I have decided it's more the principle then the money at this point and if in fact I don't have it for everyday that goes by more people get informed.

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How are the working conditions for installers? Hours?

Pay? stuff like that...I'm being interviewed soon and I'm seeing if its worth even going to..I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews



Thanks for the post! I also have worked for this company.

Leafguard is the worst company I have ever worked for. Installers are expected to take care of all service calls on homes for free. This is why their customer service department has a horrible track record. Nobody wants to show up to a house and work for free.

It was not uncommon at all for customers to have to wait months before leafguard would show up to take care a problem. This company charges thousands of dollars for their product, and as soon as they have your money, you are forgotten.



What do you mean by Take care of all services calls on homes for free??? What does this company pay their installers??

Is it hourly? I have an interview with this company and don't know if its worth going




Go to small claims court in the city where this branch is located, bring your receipts and you'll get a money judgement against them Then put a hold on their bank account until you're paid what you spent, including court filing fees. Most municipal courts have the forms you need to do this.

Spread the news on social media. Thanks for reporting this. Sheesh.

Someone up the food chain is doing just fine with this business.