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From reading these reviews, i wonder how does this company stay in business ? I would never use this company and am going to tell everyone from here to everywhere never to use this company or product..

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If you've never used them or purchased their product, you have no reason to tell anyone anything. Its slander at that point.

I dont know much about them nor have i used them which is why im here.

Some positive and some not, but alot of those disappointed semm to be people cant be 100% satisfied with anything. JS

to JM #1518798

Tell you what, we actually are the type of ppl who take the time to give good reviews. This product is one of the worse I’ve ever experienced.

They are guaranteed not too clog (many ppl’s reason for buying in the 1st place), they clog badly. Then if you call, no one wants to help you & that’s if your call is returned! Honor their guarantee? A joke.

They cause ice dams, BAD. They cause thousands of $ in damage.

Unfortunately, they employ ppl to write decent reviews. Are you part of their criminal organization?Class action suit is in their future.

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