Davenport, Iowa
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I have LeafGuard on my home, in fact this is the second home I own that I have LeafGuard on,so that should inform you of my opinion. I have had them for years and have had no proplems, ever.

Couldn't be happier with them. In fact many of my neighbors and family members have LeafGuard on their home and I'm sure have nothing but positive reviews as well. Great Job Guys! Thanks for offering a product like LeafGuard and keep up the good work!

I will continue to refer this product to anyone that may ask. My personal experience with the product and company here in Iowa is fantastic!

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i love my cheating wife, pulling ticks off of rosco is entertaining, couldn't be happier with my *** knee, extremely proud of my kid in J.D.C, find flat tires amusing and get giddy when my stock portfolio comes crashing down due to corporate american greed.......but leafgaurd turns my stomach.