Richmond, Virginia

I have had LeafGuard gutters on three houses. They work great and I have never had a problem.

Many people confuse LeafGuard with other brands. LeafGuard is all one piece seamless and made on site. No parts to move around. My Richmond franchise has lifetime warranties that can't be matched.

All franchises are independently owned, so service can vary. I have referred several friends and family members. All of them could not be happier.

I think alot of these complaints are not LeafGuard but something similar! I wish people knew what they were reviewing before they bash a local businessman and ruin their hard earned reputation.

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They are so true it look's like they are doing this alot to older people .We had a inspector to come out to our house and said that it was the worst job he had ever seen ! and said he would go to court with us because they need to be put out of business.

so the people are telling the truth .

and the truck said Englert leafguard . and they made them on site.


Just look at the picture. LeafGuard is not one piece seamless aluminum made onsite.

It is a vinyl cap that is covered by a stainless steel very fine mesh. I am having it installed right now as I type this entry.


I just ordered leafguard system through Costco service desk, and backed by Costco! Great discount, still very expensive, very high quality, lifetime warranty, heavy gauge aluminum.

Get a price from Costco! Way better than Sams Club membership and quality surpasses walmart everytime!


I have to say I have had LeafGuard on my house for six years and I really don't have any complaints. Yes I get some icicles, but nothing too big, and usually they don't last long even in my area. (35 miles SW of Chicago) LeafGuard is not cheap, but you get what you pay for.


I need a good gutter company. I was planning on using Leafguard but after reading the complains I am concern and maybe won't use Leafguard.

Thank you for the comments.


Becareful there are installers out there that claim their leaf guard and their not. I had one guy out and he claimed he was selling the product. They were trying to get me to buy a screan on plastic.


You sound like a LeafGuard contractor.