Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

We had Leafguard installed in late September hope to keep out pine needles. Yes it did that along with water! When ever it rains slightly hard water just rolls over the gutters and all along the house. This causes problems because the rain is not going down the down spouts where it belongs. We did call customer service about this and where brushed off.

The first snow fall in December caused a mess. The snow sits on top of the screen, then freezes, then it starts to melt the water on the roof can't drain into the gutters because of all the ice sitting on the screen. The water then over flows the gutters causing massive ice cycles, ice on the brick of the house and also backs up under the NEW roof we had just put on. Water was coming in our NEW windows too.

We called about it and asked to have it taken off back in December and said this was not going to work. We have been pushed around and blown off. Finally they said they would take it off but not get any money back because there is nothing wrong with their product. Well guess what there was a break in the weather and no one came to take it off. Even after they set a date and said they would come then called and said they couldn't make it that day.

Now there is another major snow storm ice is already built up on the screen, water is over flowing all the gutters making it a mess all around the house. This time the back up on the roof will be worse a bigger storm.

Customer service is not good. I do not recommend this product to anyone that gets heavy rain or snow! Yes it kept the needles out, but also the water and made nothing but headaches!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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I have had leaf guard on my gutters for 2-3 years with the same problem. My ceilings are being ruined at this very minute.

I never had this problem with my old roof and my new roof is only 10 years old.....I agree...these guards do not work in the winter. I have 3-4 inches of ice on top of my gutters.


Had these gutters installed about 6 years ago, and have been battling ice dams ever since. Any ideas on a cutter system that works ? I am thinking of removing the top sections as soon as the weather wams up...


It is not safely functionally possible to remove the top of the LG gutter. The bracket is secured 1/2 way dn the back of the gutter and no support and connects to the top front, which assist a tiny bit to support the top/back part flange of the gutter. There is no support for the lower front part of the system.


Leaf Guard is just that. It is truly excellent at keeping out leaves and other debris.

However, it is totally useless when it comes to ice formation and damming. The reasoning is basic...snow on the roof melts due to the dark colored shingles absorbing sunlight resulting in melting snow, that becomes water. This will happen even if it is a bit below freezing, especially in west/south facing sides. Now, this melt runoff then contacts the cooler surface of the aluminum "Guard", and formation resulting either in the form of massive icicles and/or ice damming.

I know because I have had this issue now for the 3 years that they have been installed. I hate to say, that I am considering taking the gutters off the problem areas because of this.

However, I am torn because they really do a great job of keeping the fall and spring junk out. I think if someone came up with an electrical deicing system similiar to what air planes use on their wings, they would make a fortune.


Leafguard hater. 10 ft long 4 ft deep pc of ice would have torn down your old gutters on the way to breaking your lawn furniture and motion lights. Come on!


I like the others have the problem with ice dams. I have contactd Easy Heat who makes melting cables that shoul;d go into the gutter suspended so the dont lay on the bottom of the gutter.

Using Leaf Guard this is impossible. I must say tho this is the first year I have had problems of daming and that is because of 23 inches on the 7/12 pitch roof.


My frustrations with the leafguard system brought me to this site. EVERYONE of these voiced concerns are my disapointments in the product and serve.

WHAT can we do? They do not return calls.

Service sucks. Checking with legal service.


We have Leaf Guard gutter on the upper part of our 2-story home and regular gutter on roofs that are covering the first story as well as the garage. We have ice dams only where the Leaf Guard has been installed and only where the water from the snow runs down to a downspout.

The ice dam on the north side is so extensive that it have formed ice at least 15 inches thick covering the Leaf Guard and backing up onto the roof. This has resulted in EXTENSIVE water leaking into the house. Service Master has had to remove a bedroom ceiling, wall, carpet, subfloor, powder room walls, kitchen wall due to water dripping from the roof thru 2 floors and into the basement. To date we have had water dripping into heating ducts on 3 floors.

It is strange that there are no ice dams at all on the adjacent gutter systems that are not Leaf Guard. We finally rented an aerial lift and operator at $500/day to remove the ice dam on the north side of the house. We placed a lot of salt/calcium chloride on the 3 other ice dams. Now after totally removing the ice dam and having all the interior walls affected by the water removed, I noticed that a new ice dam is forming in the same place as the old ice dam.

My conclusion is that the Leaf Guard system is not engineered for northern climates, particularly where there is snow/ice. The product does keep out leaves and other debris, but it now has cost us $10,000 in interior repairs, according to the Service Master estimate and my insurance company adjuster.

This is not right. Leaf Guard should be responsible for the property damage its product has caused.


We had our gutters installed on a Friday in February, 2010. The next Monday we had a large snow.

By Thursday long icicles and a huge corner ice dam dripped over the frozen gutters and onto our front walk where the water re-froze, making our main walk from the garage to the front walk impassable and our front steps frightfully dangerous. We worry about ice creeping under the roof and causing leaks. When we called our salesman he came out immediately and assured us that he had icicles at his house too, that only 20/100 customers have this problem, and that it was probably because of inadequate insulation (we had already added much insulation)and inadequate ventilation (our soffits and roof peak are well ventilated). He told us that if we contacted the Leaf Guard office they would only send us a brochure claiming ice dams were due to poor insulation and inadequate ventilation.

He offered to knock the icicles off the gutters and assured us that everyone gets icicles (we have never had icicles like this nor are there any other homes on our street with icicles like ours). I complained that he never mentioned ice dams during his presentation,that there was no disclaimer in their brochure and that had I known that they would make our sidewalk and steps so dangerous to walk on in snowy weather, we would never have spent over $5000 to install Leaf Guard gutters. He assured me that people spend a lot more on their gutters than that. As far as a disclaimer, he directed us to read the contract my husband had signed and pointed out a sentence that mentioned ice dams.

I did not read the contract before we signed and my husband did not understand the significance of the ice dam statement.

We are stuck in an untenable position with a product that does not work. I would advise anyone even remotely tempted to have Leaf Guard gutters installed to abandon that idea immediately. We should have researched more thoroughly and were too trusting in the Good Housekeeping Seal.

We would have found complaints online regarding ice dams.

I wish I had read the contract in detail and questioned the ice problem. In hindsight, I see that in dealing with Leaf Guard, it is "buyer beware".

Leafguard Hater

I have the same problem with my gutters. The service is terrible and product is even worse.

I have dealt with ice cycles for about three years now , and it dangerous to walk out my front door. Someone is going to get hurt. One year I heard this loud sound coming from the back part of mouse. When I got outside I found that a 10 foot long X 4 foot deep section of ice had slid off my roof.

It broke lawn furniture and my motion lights. I hate these gutters and wish I never saw them before.


After reading your post I would like to appologize for the trouble you have had.It is disturbing to me that you have invested your hard earned money and recieved poor quality product,workmanship,and service.After reading your post,I noticed you mentioned 'screens' on top.Leafguard does not install a 'screen' on a standard gutter.I often here people say that "they have those leaf guard things and they dont work".I understand many people associate the same product seen in Lowes or a cap or cover with what we can do for your home.This is why we ask for the time to explain what we do,as our product is different.I have worked for Leafguard in Pittsburgh,Columbus,now in Charlotte for 10 years now.Though there are different owners of territories they all have been very responsive when there is a problem.If you are in my area I would like to come to look at your home for myself.WE care for our Leafguard family of customers and if you have invested in us we WILL deliver satisfaction.You can call me directly 704-607-9428.


Did you research the product? I probably could have told you just by looking at a gutter that has a lid that covers 90 percent of it, that water would flow over it instead of in it.