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We had Leafguard install gutters on our house in 2009. The first time it rained we had water shooting off the roof and bypassing the gutters in several places.

One gutter was installe with an opposite slope so it held water after the rain stopped. We have had them out to the house a half dozen times. Just before the last time a supervisor said that they were not installed far enough away from the edge of the roof. He said they would correct the problem.

They did come out and work on them and solved someof the worst problems but we still have water shooting over the edge of the roof in places.

It shoots over the gutters. I think it may be a good product but the skill of the installers and repairers is questionable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

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To Franka: Really? Gutters handling snow off of the Roof?

You can't be that dumb. You actually got your gutters to handle snow? And gutters do not cause ice dams. I have seen a million houses with no gutters at all and they have huge ice damns.

Carry Jones- the type of rain that would cause overshooting would give any system trouble. Especially in the valley area's of roof tops. I love your comment on surface tension- ("very old concept". that is about the most irrelevent comment you can make.

We are not talking computers here. And \"Not Proven and outdated\". Water WILL adhere to the gutter top and wrap around the top and into the gutter. that is proven.

what other evidence are you looking for. as far as being outdated, i dont think nature has changed to the point where rain water has lost some of its ability to adhere to the gutter top. i dont know how the concept is outdated. Your comments are idiotic at best.

save us all from your stupidity and stop posting. thanks.


Ok, wdbevans may have fallen short on his descriptions in some areas. Water does cohesively attach to the gutter and loop around (when the machine oils wear off). Laws of physic are always the same, only the input variable change the out come. BUT, in many cases Aside from an inside hip roof). if the volume of water gets moving fast enough on in quantity it will sling off the gutter and fail to complete the 180 loop around. In out case we have a 2 story wall w/a roof under it. The volume of water coming of this surface area does cause the water to fly off the front of the gutter and create massive flow over.

With the upswing in metal-self cleaning roofs. The gutters MUST be able to handle the weight and movement of snow-ice loads being on and passing over them as the slide line takes place. Leafguard gutters may work on some roofs, but there is more and more roofing materials being developed and used that do put the cohesion theory on the back burner, less of a favorable technology. We will be uploading some of our pix and videos on youtube for all to see the many homes we have recorded where the gutters are failing to do their job as intended.

With all the reports being placed on this and many other sites, there is compelling evidence they know the problems, and know how to weesle out of them, thats why so many of us get minimal to no reply. The company does know there are many problems w/their design and crews. Many of us have expressed our discontentment w/customer service.

All the unrelated ppl, all the former employees we have interviewed that have backed up their claims some w/hard evidence.

To put put this gutter on every roof is greed and ignorance. The application and functionality of the product must be carefully matched to the structures design and the materials used. Like a rim to a car.


You obviously do not live where the temps drop below freezing. Ice damming is a nightmare. These gutters obviously were not designed to handle snow on the roof.


We’ve read your posting and we are very concerned about the problems you’ve written about. What you have experienced is not indicative of what most LeafGuard customers experience and we assure you that we will look into your situation immediately.

Either the dealer who installed your gutters or our customer service manager will contact you shortly.. Thank you for bringing this to our attention


Hi, I have did alot of research this Fall. I read many 3rd pary Gutter gaurd reviews, none of the surface tension (Helmet&Leaf Guard, Gutter Cover) products were recommeded due to water over shotting and gutter clogs.

BEST advise choice a Gutter Guard that protects Gutters from tip to toe, catching the water at the point of entery, not at the end after curving 180 degress????(over shotting) Surface Tension is very old concept, not proven OUT DATED and expensive @ $24/ft or more. Just google for gutter guard reviews.


I've had Gutter Helmet for about 10 years with NO problems.