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Dealing with Leafguard is like pulling teeth. The poor installation and design has caused serious damage to a friends home. Water rolls over and behind the gutters. I have over 40 pics if anyone is interested. The home these gutters are intalled on is owned by a couple who are bit older and asked me to deal with the warranty if possible. I spoke to the local company, they made false promises and acted as if they were to busy to accommodate us. A co owner told me they would take action and get back to me within half a day, when I called back to speak to the same person the next day they had forgotten my name and the issues they left me thinking they were handling.

At this time I was also notified by a co owner that the particular gutters installed did not work well on a hip roof!!! That's the type of roof this gutter was installed on.

After calling headquarters, I was refered to a quality guy in Florida, he was of little help. He asked us to email pictures of the damage. I emailed the photos, waited a few days, then called him on the phone, he had not even looked at the photo's....thanks for wasting our time sir! During this conversation, I asked what warranty Leafguard had for their gutters....and this is a quote....."we guarantee the paint". I asked if that was all that was guarantied, at this time he told me he doesn't deal with contractors, which I'm not, and insisted on only dealing with the homeowner, who knows nothing about construction and was taken for a lot of money by a salesman who, in my opinion, new he was selling a high priced, un-effective product.

Early in the discussions with the franchise, we were lucky enough to have them send out an installer. The installer stated that the particular gutters on the house were to small, told us when these were bought it was one of the last yrs they were installed, recommended the alternate gutter with a screen over the product, and after looking at the installation pointed out that the gutters had been installed over the drip edge in multiple locations.

After getting the great news about the paint warranty on the leafguard from a quality person, I was met with a call from the franchise owner who politely asked me if would roof her house for free? Then stated that was what we were asking her to do for us. Not true.....we just want you to stand by your product. The gutters were bad enough, then add in all the other damage to the home and it adds up to quite a bill. I have over 40 photo's and would be happy to share these with anyone who is considering buying these gutters. I'm more than sure that the local handyman with a truck would give better quality, and be willing to stand by the installation. Just my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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Ed Schmelzer, the salesman with LeafGuard NW in Tigard, Oregon, promised us a full refund if we didn't like the product. No questions asked.

The day they installed the gutters I called to complain. They placed industrial sized downspouts right in front of 2 picture windows. They completely destroyed the aesthetics of our home. They also left sharp metal objects & glue strewn all over the yard & roof. We have animals so this concerned me greatly.

They said they'd move the gutters. My husband flew in from LA where he was working but Ed never showed up. The 2 workers didn't know what to do to solve the problem so left. Today, a week later, I notice a long piece of sharp metal hanging down from the roof in front of our living room window!

After numerous unanswered calls and e-mails, the company calls & tells me they will not honor Ed's promise of a full refund. So it's clear this Ed Schmeltzer lied to us to steal $20,000.00 from us! Needless to say we want our promised refund.

If they damaged the roof, we want compensation for that as well. If LeafGuard doesn't stand behind its promises we'll have no choice but to contact the Attorney General.


Very informative review, thanks very much!

I would like to see some of your pictures if you have time to send some. My address is




Most ppl on this and other sites are in a state of unrest. They are pissed in a state of hostility after being treated by companies who lowered there standards and treat customers like a bodily excretion.

The customer is going to get work up state of mind and make grammatical errors in various ways. I suggest all posters copy & paste their entries into an Email or other format that does spell ck to off set the mental anguish that occurs when ppl are drafting these entries.

When I filed my complaint on the company I tracked the IP address where the hate Email, virus and other slanderous communications were coming from. it was traced to the city where the company is located (coincidental ?

who knows. So if some one is going to rip you a new one because you are lousy on the keyboard, let it pass, they are more than not probably w/the company in some way attempting to distract you from your true intent on here.

Stick to the reason you are here. To make your facts heard.



Nice, very nice. By the way, thought I'd help you out with your grammar -

guarantee not gourantee, quote not qoute, their not there, and eliminate not elmnate.


Only their/there is a grammatical error, while the others are spelling mistakes. As a representative of a company, coming on a forum like this, attempting to brow-beat someone... warranted or not, is poor form.

Here in the United States, "roofs" is the accepted plural of roof, rather than "rooves".

Other than a response similar to... "Oh my, we're so incredibly sorry. We will go out of our way to turn this problem around immediately!". I don't believe a company should even bother responding here. By that I mean, I think you'll only help people to not choose LeafGuard.

I could be wrong, but my wife says I'm never wrong... or was it never right... I can never remember.


:eek Sounds to me like the company is trying to cover their tracks. And after reading the post here and taking a second look at the product I can see EXACTLY what the problem is and have decided to stay with my present ones even though I have to replace sections every year after the ICE breaks the holding brackets. And go ahead and clean the gutters out....


I read you response and had to chuckle when you talk about "pulling the wool over someones eyes" and "pulling one over on someone not aware of the business". That is exactly what YOU are doing. Did you bother to tell the owners of the $500,000 house you are working on, that they won't have a shingle warranty because instead of doing it the right way and removing the old shingle and installing new, you are shingling over the old roof? Nice, very nice. By the way, thought I'd help you out with your grammar -

guarantee not gourantee, quote not qoute, their not there, and eliminate not elmnate.

We are LeafGuard and we take care of our customers when they let us know they need us.

We are not mind readers and we can't service

customers that haven't let us know they need service. There is a reason we have over 10,000 customers in the Greater Dayton area and that is because we care. We promptly responded to your call and offered our assistance. How many other companies can say they provide that kind of service.


You are so rediculous! Unhelpful, sarcastic, making assumptions, not listening.......not listening.....not listening.

If you were paying attention originally, you would have known we didn't want the leaf guard gutters on the qoute you sent (for 6000 dollars). We would prefer the ones with a screen! I know what your gaurantee is, The gutters won't clog from leaves, Well hun, I can imagine they wouldn't clog with leaves considering they don't even catch the water! Now, about you offering new drip edge, nice try....Who in there right minds would put thousands of dollars into repairing a home, that your product damaged, and then put the same no water catching gutters back on!

Secondly, I'm not putting the gutters on, another company.....right here in dayton....will be doing this job. If the drip edge was the only problem, that's all that would need to be fixed. You told me yourself that these gutters did not work well on hip roofs. I had others around when you stated this.

Don't try to spin this like a cheap sales tactic you're pulling over on someone not aware of the business. Next, I'm an employee, not a company owner, my only objective was to get the job done the right way, that will not include your business. I'll make no more money or am I happy to be here, but would rather the customers be aware of your poor service, and product. Recall telling me you would get on this and get an answer for me?

Then you totally forgot who I was the next day. Nice service. Ask Junio if he didn't tell me that the only gaurantee the company had was on the paint, I had individuals with me that heard this also. Now, in your attempt to pull the wool over someones eyes again, you offer to put on new drip edge.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to get a grip on the situation and understand the problem a little more prior to picking up the phone and making offers that would hardly elimnate the problem. What happens when the leaks ruin the exterior again? Can we get the same great customer service? I'd rather not.

So as for the gaurantees, good paint, and no clogs due to leaves in the gutters that won't catch water. Sounds good to me. It's unfortunate that I feel the need to post here, but this truly was a shotty job. And even though you didn't own the franchise at the time, you told me yourself that you were in sales there at the time.

Your product caused more damage than it could ever be worth....and that's just the facts. I have the pictures if you would be interested in seeing them, but if I were to take the time to send them, would you please take the time to look.

We all have work to do, and I'm presently more interested in getting the job done right rather than the bottom line. Keep on working those phones in the AC, I'm busy doing repairs.


You know you come on this site with your malicious lies. It is NOT like pulling teeth

to deal with LeafGuard. You called us telling us that a customer was having problems

with water going behind her gutter. In two days we had our service man out to do an

inspection and found that the drip edge was under the gutter rather than over the gutter.

We offered to repair the situation, even putting new drip edge on the home but you said

you were working on replacing and painting fascia board and for us to wait. Now lets

get to the real facts of this situation. This gutter was installed in 2001 - ten years ago.

We have only had one service call from the customer and that was in 2001 as well.

If the customer was having problems, one would have thought they would have

picked up the phone and called for service, however, they did not. You asked me if

we have a large LeafGuard gutter and I explained we did. You asked me why they

changed the design of the original LeafGuard and I honestly told you I felt it was

because on large rooves, especially hip rooves, sometimes customers were experiencing

splash over and the larger hood on the new LeafGuard certainly helps with that problem.

You make a big deal as to why the larger gutter wasn’t installed on this customers home

and I explained to you that 2001 was the transition period for the new gutter. Some

locations were still installing the small LeafGuard while they waited for the new extruders

and apparently this was the case in this situation. You then implied that we should install

a new system free of charge. I explained to you that we did not have this franchise until

2006. Hence my comment to you about you installing a new roof for free because the

previous roof was installed by another company. Addressing the issue of our installers

not knowing the warranties. It is not their job to know the warranties - those issues are

addressed by the company and the sales consultants. I contacted the homeowner today

to offer to her new drip edge, free of charge, on her home. I told her why spend the

money on new gutters if we could make her happy with the LeafGuard she had. She

apparently relayed this information to you because I received a very sarcastic phone call

from you where you gloated that you had already removed the gutters and you planned

on filing a complaint with the BBB. I told you to go ahead. Our company did not install

the gutters. Our company has NEVER been contacted by the home owner to service the

gutters. So perhaps you can explain to me what your complaint will be about. What this

is really all about is that you want to sell the homeowner your system so you have done

everything in your power to discredit a product that has made thousands of homeowners

very happy. We never had a chance to service this customer and you made sure of that

because once we offered to do the work, you told us not to, and then you removed the

gutters so we couldn’t help the customer.You seriously need to take a look at your

business tactics and put the homeowner and their wallet first. To all that read this -

if you have LeafGuard gutters and are experiencing a problem, call their

office and do not wait 10 years to do it.

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