Greenville, South Carolina

We replaced our guttering in November 2008 with Leafguard guttering. Leafguard of Tennessee representative Melissa Langston came out to evaluate our needs.

I spent over an hour with her pointing out areas which our existing guttering was not handeling the water when it rained. I was very specific that I wanted a system which would be effective. The "Goodhouse Keeping" seal of approval and her description seemed like the product would work for our needs. So Leafguard was installed to the tune of over $10,000...

after the first rain it was noted that not only were the old problem areas not improved but that there were new areas where the Leafguard guttering was not effective. We made over 20 phone attemps requesting that they correct the problem--we never had any return phone calls or follow up. Their field manager (Lionel) and their receptionist(Mary) gave us constant excuses. We were told that neither Melissa nor John Spry were ever available to answer calls and did not have cell phone numbers nor email access.

Once after I was told that they were both out of town, I drove to their office and they were indeed right there. These people are decietful and their customer service is terrible.

Melissa Langston and John Spry have a slick operation with lots of advertising but little customer satisfaction.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I had a similar experience in 2012. Gutter installation caused interior water damage.

Gutter issue was resolved but they would not compensate me in anyway for damage.

Melissa was insulting, rude, and an outright liar. My advice is to not do business with this company.

@another unsatisfied cust

I worked for them . they are very crooked


I work for Leaf Guard of Tennessee, and this gutter system is the worst. They charge $19 a foot, and on my service calls I do, where the rain over shoots the gutter, I cut the top off and put a piece of Micro-Guard on it.

Making it a 6 inch gutter with Micro-Guard. So save half your money and get 6 inch gutter with Micro-Guard.

John and Melissa Spry are top-notch *** bags. They are being investigated by the Department of Labor over the way they treat their employees.

@Leaf Guard Employe

I would love to know more about The Department of Labor investigating John and Melissa... Melissa Langston Spry is seriously mentally unstable.

It's terrible the way she treats her own mother and her children... Her first husband who, by the way, used to work for her, "Lionel" is both a drug addict and an alcoholic...You are absolutely correct, they both Melissa and her current husband John Spry are *** bags... They are constantly in trouble with the law... The are either being sued or are suing someone ALL the time.

Melissa used to own All American Remodelling... She filed for bankruptcy for that business. Not only did they do completely shoddy work, but they also did major damage to several peoples homes with some kind of defective and inferior stucco product...

These two are real shatters... I'd seriously reconsider using Melissa Langston Spry, John Spry, or Leafguard of Tenneessee for ANYTHING...They are both liars and crooks...


Just to be clear this company is a total ripoff. And do not be fooled by the BBB rating.

This company was also once All American Remodelling and the BBB rating was atrocious. The workers who came to my home knew nothing of what they were doing. I found others who had complained and the greedy duo of John and Melissa Spry ruined numerous homes while pocketing thousands of dollars. I even found out one of the only salespeople there is the father of Melissa's kids so they all get a Cush lifestyle.

Shotty work on over-priced gutters.

Do not waste your time and money on this company. If you pay more than $8 a sq ft for their gutters then you got hosed bc I called the home office and got what avg cost in this area really SHOULD be!

@Other screwed customer

John and Melissa Spry are crooks. If you have a roof with a 8/12 pitch or more the water over shoots the gutters.

And when a homeowner calls with this problem, we do the same thing I stated above. We cut off the top and install Micro-Guard. Then charge the homeowner $75 because it's an accessory piece. That is BS.

If someone pays $19 a foot for gutter, it should catch ALL rain, not just a drizzle. They are charging homeowners $75 to make the gutter function properly. We installers pretty much know where the problem areas are going to be and we could fix the problem then and there, but we are not allowed to, because then John and Melissa Spry cant get that extra $75 bucks a pop. Take it from a Leaf Guard employee, if you value your hard earned money, call someone else to do your gutter.

I am starting to feel like a crook just working for these people. Trying to find another job, hard to do right now.


The company is a scroupless, stay away!!! Leafguard is an ok product but the local distributer is not trustworthy.


I know this has been a while since you posted but here is an email address for her

Good luck she is really a piece of work,my husband worked for them and she cheated him out of commissions.


I successfully sued them as All American Remodeling but they dropped that business befor I could get my money. John and Melissa did show up for court


OK John Spry ,Melissa and Lionel .I will sign my name to this just so you know who I am .You were never there when I called to complain .You were always out of the office or gone for the week end . When I asked to speak with Melissa , she was always out with you .

The same thing with lionel .I wrote two letters to the BBB and that was also a waste of my time . You said that you had been out to my house several times to try to take care of all the problems .That was anything but the truth !!I think that because you are a customer of the BBB ,that you don't have to impress them . They will never check .The last time I saw Lionel , was right at your office . He didn't even remember me .After I convinced him who I was , and showed him som pictures of problems with the job , he said you are right , nobody should have to settle for that !

He told me that they were having a meeting that Thursday , and he would bring it up and see when they could take care of it .He said that I should call him Thursday afternoon . I did that and when he answered the phone and I identified myself , his phone went blank . I called right back and got a secretary who said that you were out of the office until Monday !I guess that the way you people do business , it is OK .

I only lost about $2,000.00 on this . Maybe Johns responce might fool some people , but not me .I think you people are very DISHONEST .I gave my name at the begining of this letter , but just in case you want to talk , My phone # is 865-717-9652 I really don't expect to hear from any of you !!!


Perhaps you were reffering to the person below your post and not above? That would be more credible.


Just a thought... Mr.

Spry, if you have no record of the job referred to by the person in the opening paragraph/complaint, how is it that you are able to recall that your maintenance crew went out to their home to fix the problem, but was refused access.

Not trying to accuse you of a non-truth, but the two statements to do not support each other. In addition, you have a party that has, in fact, posted their names corroborating the complaint by the original post.


We have no jobs in our system for the fall of 2008 for $10,000 or over. Sometimes competitors post unscrupulous and false claims without signing their names to the claim to attempt to defame LeafGuard.

Feel free to repost your complaint with your name on it. LeafGuard has an excellent reputation. The Tennessee office has an exemplary customer service record. This does not mean that there are never any service issues.

However, services are a rarity with our product. If a customer is reasonable and not sue happy, a resolution should be easy to achieve. Unfortunately, there are some people that enjoy a fight, and no matter what are looking for one.

The customer listed directly above threw a service crew off their job site 2 times after agreeing to let them come out and fix the problem. I can't imagine any reasonable, rational person would condone that behavior.


Wow1 this could be us exactly. Same names and same excuses.

We have even contacted our attorney who is getting the run around too. installed 03/08.

Removed by us after damages to our home.

Please contact me