Rockford, Illinois
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The post to the left shows me from Rockford Ill. I don\'t know why, I\'m from Indianapolis.

Original review posted by user Sep 18, 2012

I have yet to find anyone who can say anything negative about this company. The product does just what they claim it can do.

If there is a problem, they solve it quickly. The greatest thing about them is they admit when they make a mistake and fix it.

This is not just my opinion. I have talked to almost 100 people about them and they all tell me the same thing. John Chambers the owner of LeafGuard of Indiana has a goal of 100% customer satisfaction and I believe he works hard at reaching that goal.

Don't let the gloom sayers and doom sayers choose your course. I highly recommend them.

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Great sales pitch why would you talk to 100 people about a product you already have on your home get a grip.