Parkton, Maryland

I've had LeafGuard Gutters for several years, at one point I even worked for them and sold their product. For months I asked the production manager, Jonathan to send a repair crew to my house because the gutters/downspouts were installed incorrectly and caused my basement to flood.

I clearly advised what was wrong, furnished a drawing and had my wife explain what needed to be done to correct the problem when they finally showed up (after months of requests for him to do so). Despite the drawing, my instructions and the subsequent conversation with my wife, Jonathan/LeafGuard ignored the information, choosuing instead to do something completely different, including cutting and damaging a piece of gutter which had nothing to do with the problem. We had rain this weekend and the carpet in our basement is ruined because we now have a flood of water coming in where Jonathan routed the water, as opposed to routing it to the area of the yard which sloped away from the house as we requested. After I called, it took 2 days to get a call back.

When he finally called back he said it would be two weeks before he could send a crew...and he still insists what he did was right, but he would "look at it". The smug and unresponsive attitude only add to the frustration of a flooded basement. What happens to my basement every time it rains for the next two weeks? It's going to flood every time it rains and they could care less.

I advise everyone looking for gutters to go some where else, these were expensive and not worth it. I have thousands of dollars in damage because of the improper installation of LeafGuard Gutters, and a manager of the company who doesn't care. I am sure they will post a response and try to spin this, that's what thaey are taught to do by corporate, but these are the facts. Save your money (and your home) buy something else instead!

I hve pictures of the damage, videos of the overflowing which occurs when it rains....all of this AFTER the repair crew was here! I even have pictures of a six foot black snake being removed from there "Clog Free" gutters....AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

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I would like to know if there is a class action suit against Leafguard. We spent lots of money and when we call to get our gutters

cleaned...These are the ones that never need cleaning, they say it costs $75 to get them cleaned and they are very reluctant to send anyone over to even look at them.

My foundation is being rained on

every winter day here in the Carnation area. I really am disgusted with them and our expensive gutters.


Is there a class action lawsuit against Englert Leafguard?


Once again it is a post by Anonymous. Why not use your name? My questions is this, if all it took was to divert the water away from your home, and you used to work for this company, so you apparently understood what to do and even went to the trouble to draw them a picture, why didn't you go to the hardware

store and buy a 5 or 6 ft piece of plastic drain tile and divert the water away yourself instead of waiting for the water to come into your basement. It's a very simple fix. I've done it myself and the good news is, it costs next to nothing. I think it was like $5.00 or

so and because it is so flexible, I can move

it in case a certain area of the ground begins

to get saturated. Why incur "thousands" of dollars of damage when it would have been so simple for you to do yourself?


I agree with you. Avoid all bogus advertisement on TV. It is a trap and no one hears from company if there is problem once they gets all money.