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LeafGuard gutters worked fine for about 3 years. Then I noticed one dounspout was not draining any water after a rain.

A peek inside the gutter revealed it was clogged with pine needles. If you have any pine trees nearby, they will definalely cause the gutter to clog in time. The bottome line is, they will not work in areas where pine trees are near the house. I have not tried to unclog the downspout yet.

Don't know what is involved in doing so.

Will probably have to call in a professional to get it unclogged. I suspect other downspouts will be clogged soon.

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Our new LeafGuard system is overflowing during a rain storm and leaving a deep drip line in our garden area. We don't know at this time if the gutters are clogging, but you can see fir needles "peeking" out them.


It was explained to me before purchasing the system that there is nominal maintanence. That yes they do clog.

You must have a Home under a lot of trees.

So spraying with a hose to clear the gutters doesn't unclog the gutters? I put the system on two houses and the only issue I have had is the spouts to the ground fall apart because the extend to the driveway and are pond and the yard man trips over them.


Call the corporate office at 732-826-8614 and they will take care of you.


Just call 732-826-8614 and they will take care of you. That's their corporate office.


After installation in November 2011, the gutters are clogged (worse than the removed ones) this spring. I called and they don't have anyone available to upclog the gutters for 3 weeks.

In the mean-time, when it rains, water will continue to POUR onto my front door step, so much that I can't use the front door in heavy rain. I will keep you posted.

The posts here are making me nervous. I would have never spent this kind of money if I knew they would clog and I would have to call.