Burnaby, British Columbia
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Bad after sale service. The products may be life time guarantee but you won't be able to get in touch with anyone from the office.

No voicemail, sometimes goes to US site and all they can do is take your number down and have someone to call you. Didn't get a call back even after a few times talking to US side. Tried to send email to them and also no reply. The problem is when the rains drop, it's pounding onto the system and like drum rolling.

It distrubs our sleep and neighbours can hear them too. All these messages and emails we did, we got someone out and fixed the lining at the back of the house. The noise reduced but the front of the house still loud. I have no more method to get in touch with them.

Dont even know if they are out of business or not.

Costco no longer has their booth nor post. Hopeless

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We had the noise problem too. I mostly solved it myself by pushing the turned-in sheet metal just above the strainer/catch baskets.

I also added a peel and stick foam pad on the projecting parts.