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We just REPLACED our LeafGuard gutters with a standard rain gutter. We had the LeafGuard system for YEARS.

You'd think if they were that great, we'd buy them again when it came time to replace them. Nope. So, why weren't they so great? Simple.

They don't really work as advertised, and they are WAY over-priced. LeafGuard wants you to think that the water drains into the gutter, but the leaves fall off the top onto the ground. Nope again. A WET LEAF follows the rain right into the gutter.

In time, your gutter FILLS UP with wet leaves. We knew we had a problem when we came home from shopping one spring day, and GRASS and small flower petals were growing out of the gutter. Yup. There were enough wet leaves accumulated to provide a base for stuff to grow.

And good luck trying to clean out that gutter. The slot where the water flows into is so NARROW, it's impossible to get a water hose through.

We went back ro a standard gutter. Yes, they have to be cleaned periodically, but at least you can get a garden hose in them, and they're FAR cheaper than LeafGuard.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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We had Leafguard gutters on our house for a few years but eventually replaced them with regular gutters with a screen top to filter out leaves. The Leafguard gutters are ok if no trees on property. If you have trees the gutters will get stopped up and Leafguard will not honor their warranty or promises made to you.They are far too expensive to begin with and almost impossible to clean out because of the narrow opening.


Did you get your money back from leafguard?


This customer is a competitor who is slandering Leafguard

to Joe345 #1413724

NOPE. NOT a competitor.


You do realize that there is a 100% Free No Clog warranty that allows you to call the Leafguard franchise and have them clean it out for free right? It sounds like a salesman didn't properly inform you...

to James #1380422

But they don't come out and fix anything.

Centennial, Colorado, United States #1315000

Leaf Gaurd is great if you just have rain....but if you are in a snow belt area like Colorado you will have a problem. Snow lays on top of leaf gaurd and freezes at night.

The next morning when the sun shines icicles form and by afternoon long icicles are dripping along your foundation with a steady stream of water. By our garage area it was always wet and ice formed on the cement, which created another danger of slip and fall. I spent a lot of money on ice melt.

Would I install them again? NO


Good coment!

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