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In May 2000 I purchased a Englert LeafGuard gutter system from the LeafGuard Dealer here in Chattanooga, TN. The cost was $1418.00.

The gutters worked as advertised up until the leaves began to come down in the fall. The gutters worked OK on the front of the house where there were no trees. However, the gutters became totally cloged on the back of the house where there are several oak trees. The LeafGuard people came out and unclogged the gutters.

This had to be repeated in the springtime when the oak trees began to shed..the backside of house gutters became completely clogged. This is where the trouble began. I could not get the LeafGuard people to come back out in later years to unclog the back of the house gutters which continued to clog twice a year. The Chattanooga LeafGuard Rep became very argumentative and spoke in a threating manner.

I eventually hired an independent contractor to clean the gutters..they were very difficult to clean as the opening was only about 1/4 inch which prohibited getting the hand in to clean them. I eventually had the gutters removed and replaced with regular open top gutters with a removable cover on top. No problems since. The LeafGuard Gutters do not perform as LeafGuard claims.

They will clog and the LeafGuard people may or may not honor the warranty. The gutters are way overpriced.

Stay away.

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Mom had leafgaurd gutters installed, they are at the wrong angle, and they clog constantly, they may be great in some areas but we have leaves, and all installers are not the same.


We have had the same problem its ours. We have never been able to get Leafguard to honour their warranty.


I had the same issue where the installer requested I pay extra for work to correct over shooting of rain water. I still have water pouring over my gutters when it rains hard.


We do NOT sale any type of gutter guard. We only clean gutters and we still existing because liers like you takes advantage of thousands around the nation.

Gutter guards are just a waste of money. We do uninstall those every day.


I can't count the number of worthless products that have the goodhousekeeping seal of approval.


I had the Byers' (Englert) leafguard gutters installed on my house here in Lake County, CA. We have quite a number of oak trees on the property.

Absolutely no problems with clogs nor leaves standing on top of the gutters.

They do collect around the house sometimes getting up to three to four inches in depth before we can clean them up. That my friends is a lot of leaves.


Ive read all these posts, and must add this to ANYONE reading these. This is an OPEN FORUM, and Ill bet my salary that a majority of these "complaints" or "issues" are posts by competitors, or as in the case of a few ego maniacle sales reps ive come across, rogue Sales reps.

Do you research on MONITORED boards, websites that require more information than a made up name or made up location. There are a lot of Great Leaf Protection systems, and ONLY YOU can decide which is best for you and your home. I must agree with "susan" though, I dont believe for a second that Good Housekeeping would offer thier guarantee and seal (which I might add offers a MONEY BACK clause), to any product that would tarnish thier name. So in short, do your research, dont let price be the deciding facter even in this economy, and get the product you feel best about having on your home.

Me I carry numerous products, but have LeafGuard on my home.

Has been there for "10" years, Im surrounded by leaf and evergreen trees, and have never had ANY clogging, overflowing, or for that matter any issues with it thus far.

-Gutter Pro


These stories and accounts are nuts.

Rob for Atlanta Real Estate

Rob for Relocation to Atlanta


I am currently talking to Leaf guard people to install gutter for my home and after reading this, I am not so sure that if I would go forward with it. :zzz


I was planning to have Leafguard Gutters installed. After reading Rggreen 1, I changed my mind.


Wayne, I suggest you go on the Englert LeafGuard website and watch the Good Housekeeping video. They would not award the GoodHousekeeping Seal if they did not work.

Before having someone out, call the

local office and ask for references.

LeafGuard has been around since the mid 1980's with thousands and thousands of installations throughout the country and into Canada. Do you really think this company could grow AND get the Good Housekeeping Seal if they didn't do what they promised?


I would be very interested in hearing further comment from these ladies and/or others on this subject. I have got to get a good system for keeping leaves out but at same time, route water away from house.

I have big willow oak in front and even bigger water oak in back of house.

Willow oak leaves are narrow and tend to get into gutters faster and worse than the bigger oak leaves in backyard. Will this system help me or is it just a waste of time & money?


No, I don't sell Leafguard but I have Leafguard on my home and know how other companies tried to talk bad about Leafguard. I have them on my home, surrounded by trees, and absolutely love them. Oh, and by the way, not all leaves are flat, especially oak leaves cause I have oak trees on my property and surprise, surprise - no clogs.


The leaves got into a 1/4 inch opening because they are FLAT. Do you sell leafguard gutters?


Something about your story just doesn't make sense. Oak leaves are large leaves.

You said a contractor couldn't clean them

out because the opening was so small yet we are to believe these large oak leaves got in and clogged your gutter? How did

big leaves get into 1/4 inch opening. If your story is true, all you had to do was call their corporation office in New Jersey. Are you telling the truth or are you a competitor telling an untruth?


Willow oak leaves are thin, the size of your finger