Portland, Oregon
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I have had my leafguard gutters for 7 years. I have just requested my first service call.

The gutters are overflowing and ruining my landscape. I finally got an appointment scheduled, which I had to take a day off work for. I was told they would call me with a window of time on day of service.

No one ever showed up or called.

Free estimates are being offered by Leafguard through Costco stores.

I plan to inform Costco Corp. in Isaquah WA.

about Leafguards poor customer service. I doubt Costco with the awesome job they do at customer service would want their customers mislead or Costco associated with Leafguard gutters lack of customer service.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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I'm waiting for them to clean my gutters that are backing up into the soffits and rotting them. The soonest they could possibly squeeze me is 3 weeks from now.

I'm sure we won't have rain between now and then. I too contacted Costco about the less than satisfactory service. Still waiting to hear back. Go with Gutter Helmet.

I inadvertently called them first. They were ready to send someone right out.


We have complained to Costco, We showed Costco our complaint, our pix of the instillation, our videos, a year went by, nothing was done. Leafguard sends a lot of money to get front row seating, prime real-estate on the Costco floor. We have no idea what kind of contract Costco and LG has but we canceled our Costco membership for permitting a company that has such customer care on their floor space.

We encourage every one who has had a *** interacting with LG to contact Costco, produce factual, hard core proof of your claim and request they pull the junk company from their stores.


I chatted with the LeafGuard rep at Costco last month and had an appt scheduled for today at 9am. They promised to confirm the appt and directions in advance (they didn't) and then the sales rep (Jeff, from Northern CA) calls me on the phone to tell me he's running late (and I'm his first appt of the day).

I called him back, and he wanted to confirm that both my Wife and I will be there as he is not allowed to do his on-site consultation without both home-ownerw there, and he noted only one name on the appt calandar. I informed him that both my wife and I cannot take the morning off of work while he decides to run late, and that this smacks of a cheesey scam that doesn't seen quite in line with what I'd expect from Costco.

I cancelled and plan to call Costco next. If their product is good, you certainly can't tell from their service...


I had a sales representative in recently and had the same impression. Started our crazily high and then went a bit down.

I did not like his asking for the total advance payment.

So I am putting this on hold. But I found the product good.

What did you end up doing?



Costco guarantees the lowest price on their products. I received 2 prices on Leaf Guard from 2 different reps from the same office, and the non-Costco price was much lower.

(Both were the about the price of my last car...ridiculous.) This is a total scam. The salesman makes it up as he goes.