Ellwood City, Pennsylvania

They advertise them selves as a Pitsburgh locally owned business. When you call you get some place down south.

They installed my gutters too low and then had to put trimpieces under my shingle down to the gutters.

They told me this is how they do it in the "North". After having the owner to my house 4 times and a number of expert installers. One of their day workers fixed it so it was presentable. After they ruined my shingles that is.

Then I find out that this isn't how they do it in the north--they installed thegutters wrong and this was a way to cover their screw up. A year later, the gutters mostly work but it looks terrible .

when they srewed up the shingles.. Their comment was :Well it looks like you need to reshingle the roof anyway,"

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"the great state of Pittsburgh"

Pittsburgh is a city, not a state. :upset


Dear Anonymous,

I am the Regional Manager for LeafGuard of Pittsburgh and noticed your post. First I’d like to say that I am disappointed that our local branch didn’t exceed your expectations. And that is something I’d like to correct. Please call me at 704-821-5555 so that I can personally address your concerns.

Next, I’d like to clarify some points that your post alludes to. We do have a brick-and-mortal branch located in the great state of Pittsburgh – in Coraopolis to be exact. So you are dealing with a local company. Also, we do not use contractors. All our employees are US citizens, factory trained, and insured. We never use “day laborers”.

Finally, I’d like to point out that we, like many corporations, has a Call Center to facilitate the tracking and handling of customer inquiries. Ours is based here in North Carolina.

In summary, your satisfaction is my primary concern. I hope you take me up on my offer.


Favio Perez