Seattle, Washington

Check the local BBB (better business bureau) b4 investing in this gutter company.

Already have leafguard? May I suggest you inspect the job. Make sure the gutters are installed the correct length (not to short or to long). Make sure the interior brackets are put in as agreed (every 2 feet) not every 3 or 4 feet. Make sure the brackets are installed uniform and straight. Make sure there are grommets in all the screws used. Makes sure the brackets are undamaged or bent. Make sure there are no open or unsealed holes left in the back plate that buts the fascia board. Make sure the end caps are on true and square to the home and the gutter (use a "T" square to check). Make sure the downspout holes (in the gutter) are a true 3 inches by 4 inches and the downspouts are not squeezed or bent to fit the opening. Leafguard is NOT a member of the BBB's "Honor roll". The pacfic NW BBB discontinued that program many years ago. When I signed my contract with the company, it was a C-, not an "A" as the salesman stated.

Get up on a ladder and make sure u have a quality product and a quality instal, If Leafguard says the screws go into truss tails …make sure they are in the tails. If they claim to use 4 inch screws, make sure it's 4 in, not 3 inches. Check all the work.

In my case the installers left a mess on my roof and siding. Did property damage. The company played hard-ball, pushed the limits of making the customer jump thru every legal hoop to get a response or performance.

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Love the gutters. The service, however, is pretty bad.

Our corners have been leaking. When we called we had to wait a month before someone could come out and fix it. Got a call the day of service, and now we have to wait ANOTHER month. We would do it ourselves, but we are seniors, and can't get up on a ladder.

This isnot the first time we have had a leakageproblem. We thought LeafGuard was a reputable company.


If you have a problem, please call the New Jersey Corporate office. They will get your problems taken care of.

The reason we want both homeowners present is because both will have questions. Our consultants are straight commission, not salaried nor are they paid so much for each estimate. If

we are taking the time to come out and give you the estimate, the least you can do is make time for us.

It's a common

courtesy. Call our competitors and see what they say.


Response to Happy in MD. I am glad you are happy with LeafGuard. Who is the installer you deal with in Maryland?


I tried to call to sched estimate, was given hard sale over the phone. They insist on having 90min for estimate and that both homeowners are home.

Told them not necessary, partner working, just an estimate, doesn't need to be there. They states is the "company policy" and so I said they can just work with me or I'll work with another company. They weren't willing to, so no bid.

If it's this hard to just get a bid, then I have no interest in working with them at all!!! Am suspect of these tactics.


We have had LeafGuard for almost 10 years. The company has had to clean our gutters twice due to roof debris(at no charge) and also has upgraded us with drip edge and extra brackets, also at no charge.

Yep, we have icicles, especially this year. We have ice damming occasionally, as we did with our old gutters. This is a bumper year for ice damming!

We HAVE NEVER had to clean leaves out of our gutters and that is priceless. End result is only as good as the installation, but it is a good product that WORKS!


:cry I wish I had known. I have had my gutters for a long time now, but ever since they installed them I have had water problems.

Also they have caused rot on the facia boards. What a disaster!!!