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Icicles hanging off the gutters LeafGuard at least 2 feet long that I never had on the front of my house in 35 years until I put up the leaf guard. Sounds like some kind of a defect with the run off it's not running into the gutter it's running over the top of the gutter I'm ready for a class-action suit I had them up and they said oh yeah that might happen .

This is a problem I never had in 35 years had the leaf guard system put up for over $7000 in the front of my house and the front of my house is a disaster. Dripping and leaking into the foundation of my house & worried about my roof!! Anyone else with this problem? My email is tazjas@comcast.net.

To get any service we must agree to their contract which is a bad contract they came to look and told me to get electrical tape to put inside of the gutter so that the ice would melt. I have one of the Suniest houses on my block never ever had that problem. Why do I have to fix the problem, it's their false advertisement on the TV. I'm 72 years old and I feel I've been ripped off.

This is another case of elder abuse ripping the older people off with promises that they never have to worry about the rain gutters again from the winter or fall leaves . Judy

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The reason you have ice cycles is because your attic is not properly insulated....heat escaping from your house, thru your roof, is melting the snow causing water to drip onto your below freezing aluminum gutters. When this happens the water freezes instantly, then it's a repeat effect, the more snow that melts from your roof, the more water freezes as it collects on your gutters, which as you know, that's how ice cycles are formed.

It's simple physics. This didn't happen when your home was covered with regular gutters because the water would just collect and freeze inside the gutter. You had a gutter full to the top with solid ice which weighed anywhere around 100 to 250 lbs, depending on the length, pulling on and weakening your fascia board until at some point your gutter would have eventually fallen down and damaged someone or something.

Are ice cycles really that bad? Check to see if you have the proper insulation in your attic before blaming the gutters.

Lindsay D

Really? Yes, icicles are "that bad".

As she stated, she's 72. It's not like she can just get up on a ladder and knock them down every time they appear each winter. Icicles can be dangerous. People have been seriously injured or killed by falling icicles.

Judging by the pictures, some of them are very large.

Maybe even a foot long. I'd certainly be nervous walking under them daily, wondering if one will fall.

@Lindsay D

I'm 74 and yes, icicles longer than 1 foot develop every year and form because in summer water runs over the top of the gutter!


*** , houses in 50 s had little insulation in attic. This never happened

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