Medina, Ohio

This is a little ofF the subject but the man who does your TV ads here in Cols., OH is very annoying. When he was talking for Alarmco I seriously wanted to throw something at the TV.

Now w/Leaf Guard, I feel the same way.

Honestly, I would NOT use Leaf Guard bc of this. Just wanting you to know how some of feel.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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He is less annoying now than be was with the window outfit, but what is his name, and what kind of experience does he claim?


thanx, but very little about 6/12 roof pitch, check here


Agree on the comment about their spokesman on Columbus, Oh TV ads. My wife would like to take his coffee cup away!

He is a major annoyance!

On the physics side of how the leaf guard works(and I'm no expert), it would seem to depend on a certain flowing velocity of the rainwater to be able to curve around the shape into the opening in the side of the gutter which they call liquid adhesion. Since roof pitch would be a major component of this velocity, how can a "one design fits all" gutter handle this?

Think of your car going down an 18.5 degree hill(4/12 pitch) versus a 45 degree hill(12/12 pitch). We have a large roof surface with at least a 6/12 pitch and have increased the gutters/downspouts to 6 inch to handle heavy flows without overflowing.