Edison, New Jersey
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The internet allows anyone to post their opinion so here is mine. I am pleased and I almost let negative reveiws stop me, however the salesman gave me a list of neighbors who had the product and they all loved the one peice product.

I know that their reveiw is real! I'm starting to think that competitors use these sites to try to sell their product.

I checked, LeafGuard in NJ is a Gold seal member with the BBB and I found them through Costco. I personally think they look better then a bulky top that is nailed into the roof.

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To Sharon: Do I smell disgruntled former

employee or desperate competitor? BTW, I don't know ANY office that sells for $30 a foot, however, I do know companies that sell something that goes on an existing gutter for $24 a foot that requires cleaning off, not to mention the fact that

when they have to replace their old gutters

they have another expense. Could that be you?


Several of the posts in this section use verbiage like "my one peace system" and "the phone # in letter format". The postings are riddled w/words used to advertise what one amy want a prospective buyer to read as a sales pitch"

We can see thru it....

The company has problems and it appears they post here than take care of the customers. These posting (like my self) would not exist if the company took care of its customers.


I"ve been a very happy customer of LeafGuard for 9yrs/2houses later. One home I swear was the test kitchen for LeafGuard,Fir trees,maples,alders,pollen and snow my gutters took care of what ever mother nature spit at it,I have not dealt with icicles,but have wondered if heat tapes would work?


Blah blah blah!! This product is a joke, way over priced at $30ft and then $800 dealer fees on top of your total price.

That's why you have a 1.5hr Power point to build value for a simple gutter formed in one piece. Not to mention the machine at $65,000 per unit.

How can you make people shake over a gutter ?????? :sigh


:) I have had Leaf Guard for over 10 years and recently added an addition to my home and had Leaf Guard installed on the addition as well. We have NEVER cleaned our gutters!

It has served us well! A happy client.


:p :p :p :grin , You got me one piece/rolled formed gutter do not conform to homes & do clog so we use larger down spouts. Not bad @ $27 per/ Ft. :p :p


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :zzz Insider!!!!! Sales manager??????? :cry