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Update by user Dec 03, 2011

12-3-11,17:55, I posted update to related to the GH Seal

Update to the GH Seal claim related to the Leafguard gutters defective findings

The Good housekeeping Seal claimed they were “sorry” I had problems w/the gutters, But now they pull the ignorance card. As of 12-3-11,17:55 hrs, Sat. No contact from Leafguard or the GH Seal, Silence speaks volumes related to the ethics and deception of a company.

Original review posted by user Nov 02, 2011

We purchased Leafguard Gutters, It was a disaster from the start. But we will save the product and installation issues for another entry. After almost 2 years of hassling w/LG, we filed a complaint w/the Goodhouskeeping Seal, It took the Seal about a year to investigate. We got a letter from the GH Seal. It claims they found the Leafguard gutter to be defective in material and design that claimed "GH Seal is reducing the amount of the product by $xxx"

We were w/in the 2 years when we filed the GH Seal claim, we proved the system is/was defective. We were to receive a refund of the FULL purchase price. The GH Seal claims they reduced the price of the product to about 20 cents on the dollar." Nether company will assist the consumer to understand all these discrepancies that sure look like deception and or lies..,

Think twice b4 relying on either of these companies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Installation.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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In Jan 2012, 8in of snow and ice took the gutters off the home again, this time about 40 ft of fascia board also pulled loose or was damaged. 120 ft of gutter is bent, warped or hanging. The top of the gutter was top screwed in some areas by LG, the head of the top screw ripped thru the top plate of the gutter. 3 ft on one end of the gutter was total unsupported (no brackets or top screws). many screws were improperly seated, crooked.

Altho there is 120 ft of damaged gutter, 40 ft of damaged fascia boards, LG has denied 100% of any warranty claiming fascia board failure. Even in areas where the gutter pulled away from the fascia and the fascia is still in tact. The back plate of the gutter is oil-caned from inadequate support.

Many ppl like many products, I know 2 ppl that still drive Ford Pintos and loves it. No matter how many ppl have, like or dislike the LG system. Have a serious problem and see how you are dealt with. Like LG or not, the SH Seal found the product (not the quality of install), just the LG system as being defective.


Yup ours works just fine also.

@Johnny Ray

Many people use many problematic products well after the recall date. There are also still a lot of Ford Pintos and saddle gas tanks on the road w/no problems to date.

Someday, somewhere... (probably the companies comment we are replying to).


I like ours, sorry you had a bad experience.