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I have been telling leafguard for 2 yrs. now that I have water that runs over the gutters and causes ice on my patio right in front of the door.

I cannot get out my back door to let my dog out. Only when my son comes over to use a ice scapper for the patio can I get out. I called them 2 yrs ago and they said it was the roof valley. I repaired that and it still does it.

The roofers at that time said it was the gutters, but I still had the roofers do what leafguard said to do. I'm afraid I'm going to fall and break a hip because I keep getting the run around from leafguard. They were suppose to come today but naturally they cancelled. Now they say maybe the week of Nov.


I'm thinking of calling the news stations for action. They do not stand by their warranty

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

LeafGuard Cons: Never fixed the problem.

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You really should call the news or the BBB. Their commercials play daily in my area and I've always been suspicious of their claims.

I didn't like the fact there seems to be no way to access the downspouts if there was a clog and came looking for reviews good and bad. So far I'm just seeing bad with no response from the manufacturer to make any attempt correct the issues.

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