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Leafguard seems like a great product but consumers need to know.....companies who are not good to their employees usually are not good to their customers. If the owners care about their product and customer satisfaction then they should trust and care about their employees.

All they care about is making sure their salesmen sell the product. So buyer beware! The Rep that comes to your home will be a pushy sales rep. The Reps are have to respond after your appointment if they sold you or not and then get in trouble because you the customer don't have the money to purchase the gutters.

There philosophy is you sell it whether you have the money or not. If they don't have the money then the rep should suggest to you to borrow the money from family.

This is just a warning to beware! If you are a customer or someone looking for a job you may want to think twice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Customer Care.

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This post is such baloney. Obviously a competitor trying to besmurch a reputable company.

I have had leafguard to 3 of my homes and never was pushed, asked for me to borrow money or any of the outrageous claims this guy makes.

In fact they did offer me financing options. I purchased all 3 times because I know the product works and will save me money in the long run.


I also worked for them but it was in another part of the U.S. I just think it is terrible to give leads to reps that clearly state "customer states they do not have the money to purchase gutters".


John, sounds like you may work for them and actually work for a great owner. I am happy for you and wish you great success.


Leafguard employees a lot of long term employees who are proud of the excellent service they provide to customers.

This posting sounds like a disgruntled ex-employee who was a poor performer.

Anonymous postings are usually not a true representation of an organization.


That sounds like a horrible way to present a product.