Totowa, New Jersey
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Half of these reviews dont even make sense, i have leafguard and its not something that you order and that comes in... it is made at your house they have a truck that has a machine on it that makes the gutters the same length as your house....

also they are made out of aluminum if you try to lift the top up it doesnt break if anything it would bend. people are so quick to talk down about things that they dont make sure they are complaining about the same company i would bet you most of these complaints arent actualy leafguard

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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We have had LeafGuard Gutters on our home for 12 years. Never has it ever clogged, or not worked.

We love it so much we put it on our lake house 4 years ago, and once again it works great!

We would highly recommend LeafGuard to anyone. Mark Wilkinson,

Kansas City, KS.