Annandale, Virginia

Thankfully, I am not the one who bought this product so I can't directly say how much it cost. I bought a house in the Spring of 2013 that has them installed. When we bought the house, I figured this would be a great advantage. However, I quickly noticed that in heavy rain, a lot of water was pouring over the gutter. I thought maybe they were clogged, but a quick look at the downspout shows they were flowing freely. High volumes of rain just was right over them which is not good news for the foundation. So while it's excellent at keeping leaves out, it also keeps water out which defeats the purpose of having gutters in the first place.

The real problem came this winter. I'm having the same issue as many others with icicles (HUGE icicles) and ice damming. Luckily, when the water came pouring down the upper level wall and into the kitchen, we were already having work done so we were able to get the ceiling opened and a makeshift drain system in place for only a couple hundred extra dollars. Unfortunately the excess water in the attic and upper level walls is not so easy to get to.

I got the same ridiculous answer to insulate our attic better. First of all, why would you want your attic to be exactly as cold as it is outside? It's nonsense to suggest when it's 28 degrees outside it should be 28 degrees inside, too. Second, we have an hvac system in the attic which, even though it too is insulated, will always keep the attic warmer than outside.

Product or Service Mentioned: Leafguard Gutter.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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We too had the problem of water running over the mesh and onto the ground below. Just like there were no gutters.

Finally fixed it with strong detergent (to break up oil), hot water, stiff bristle brush and elbow grease. All the dirt, oil and pollutants in the air collect on your roof and wash off in the rain.

They can't pass through the mesh so they plug it up. Be especially careful to clean out the joints where the sections join or water will drip from them too.


Bob, Leafguard doesn't have mesh, it's a solid aluminum hood product. But, as the report says above, it is one of the worst gutter guard systems on the market, and cost as much as buying a nice used car! "The only time Leafguard works is when it's not raining."

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