Lakewood, Colorado

Less than 2 years ago we paid almost $20,000.00 to have gutters put on our house. From the beginning we've had problems.

Now the gutters are falling off our roof and Leaf Guard says it not their fault. We thought we had a "lifetime warranty"! What a joke. We now have five 8' posts holding up the gutters because of the weather (rain and snow).

It's been six weeks since Leaf Guard was notified about the issue of the falling off the house.

They will not return our calls or do anything to help because they say "it's not our fault". Now we are going to have to pay someone else to remove the gutters and get rid of them.

Reason of review: gutters falling off the roof.

Monetary Loss: $19000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

LeafGuard Cons: Not complying with warranty.

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Take them to court with a binding contract


All---and I mean ALL---of these gutter systems are vastly over-priced and fail to live up to the hype the salesmen use to sell you on them. Regular, old fashioned and open gutters are solid and work well even tho you have to clean them occasionally.

Your problem sounds like bad installation. I have never understood why anyone would think the Leafguard system would actually take the full flow of water coming from the roof and direct it into the narrow opening without much of the water flowing over and onto the ground instead of into the downspouts. Hopefully, your experience with Leafguard will serve as a warning to others.

Good luck. Winter is almost upon us.