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I had my gutters installed in 2006 and in the last year they have started to get light colored spots on the gutters and downspouts. They sent a representive out to look at them and he said he had never seen this before and would report back to his boss.

That was in August and now almost 3 months later no one will return my call.

Everytime I call I'm told that someone will call me back but that never happens. I'm about to take pictures and post on Utube so everyone can see how unsightly these gutters are.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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@Junio Almonte

Leafguard will contact you, make like they are interested in assisting, collect all you have. Their legal team will review it and find the best path to "legal" do as little as they can based on the cost of your system and the cost of a suit. There may be an arbitration clause in the contract (a joke of a process).


I can tell you that my Leafguard gutters were installed 6 years ago. I remember when they put them in they would use a color matched spray paint to touch up end caps, joints with down spouts and any "booboos" they made to the gutters while installing them.

I mentioned the 20 color warranty on the powder coat and was told the spray paint would hold up too. I now see the same faded areas all over my gutters. Everywhere the installer hit the powder coat with his ladder it would make a mark and he would just hit it with the spray paint and move on.

I now have spotty gutters. I just called the office and was told that would not be covered my warranty.


This is to Betty. Could you please explain how Good Housekeeping found the product defective in several ways and yet they gave them the Good Housekeep seal of approval?

This doesn't make sense that they would give their approval to a product they found defective.

Please explain. Thank you.


The GH Seal and their warranty is all about the $$$. In our op-pinion,.

We have found no-one that cares if the product is actually safe or functional. In our case, the Seal stated "we reduced the price of the product" in a pre-letter. Then sent a ck for a small amount (not the "full" 100% The Seal claims on their web site). Even after the Seal took the position they did, they still warranty the LG gutters w/no change to the product that would correct what we experienced in our claim w/the Seal and w/LG.

All the empty claims and promises, (verbal and written) that are piling up in this site (and others).

Very little of any of all these issues make sense. The best I can offer is; of all the ppl on this and other sites, is to say, Get the customers $$$ and pull the ignorance card if a problem arises.


There may be several causes to this "discoloration" or spotting. Metal filings hit the painted surface (and left to react chemically). Aside from the possibility of substandard raw materials and acid rain being a factor, the Metal/alum may be electromagneticly damaged in the manufacturing of the parts or sections, and or Leaf G may have used spray paint on the section(s) and its fading / aging inconsistently.

As for the “we have never seen this before” comment. I have spoke w/many many people that are displeased w/Leaf G and the system for a variety of reasons. Most all people have similar factors in common. Follow up / customer service and taking care of problems, AND the the old “new to us” type comment. I’m sure Leaf G has seen these and other issues in the past from all the growing list of dissatisfied customers I have spoke with. Leaf G has been around the block. The good housekeeping seal has official deemed their product defective in given ways. I’m sure there are many more ways the Leaf G system is defective that have yet to be discovered by the end users.

Do know, there are other in a similar boat, Poor customer service and Substandard materials.


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