San Antonio, Texas

Leafguard - whatta joke! First they send a slick dude over to my grandmas house ( she is 94) & they scare her into buying $ 9000 of gutters!

She is on social security - $590 a month. They put her on a payment plan for $ 200 a month !

Two months later we notice the water is running behind the gutter onto the wood & down the wood siding..

I went outside in the rain & looked inside - it was clogged. ( clog free?) So I bent up the top piece & it broke off !! 54 feet of top that cannot be fixed.We called them & they said buy a new complete piece for $1300. The product has a 1 year warranty and zero breakage warranty

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Of course you have to buy a new piece of gutter, you broke it! In the warranty it says all you have to do if LeafGuard clogs is to call and LeafGuard will come out and unclog it for free. If you were to lock your keys in your car you wouldn’t break your window to get back in and expect your dealership to replace your window for free, would you?


The previous owner put some kind of screening over the gutter and it has worked forever! Never has to clean it!


so glad i googled leafguard before i called them for a price. thanks to everyone who told it like it was.


I had the system put in for free, and no way would I recommend this garbage to anyone!


I got a 24k estimate!!!Then called with a lower price.Even called after I asked them not to.


Leaf guard is the best gutter system you will ever buy. I live in Raleigh, NC and all I can say my positive experience dealing with the local distributor is far the best.

I will never buy any gutter from anyone else.

I live with a tall white oak tree and I have no leaves or acorns in my gutter. I couldn't do better.


You are a *** idiot. Who cares about acorns?

It doesn't rain in north carolina. *** off.


Leaf Guard does work.


I find it amazing that for all these complaints about leaf guard... not one complainer can point to a video on the internet showing the leaf guard system failing.


I was looking into these gutters for a good client i have. Im an electrician and have done many projects for her in the past.

She was not impressed with the price so i told her id ask around and do some research for her. I see nothing but complaints, and as far as the bbb, take their grades with a grain of salt. They just started calling me to sign up due to my great angies list reviews. Basically the more money you have the higher a grade you can buy.

Although i passed all the backround checks and had no bad reviews or complaints, the highest i would qualify for was a b based on the package i was comfortable paying for. I wish i had recorded the conversation with the sales lady.

Just a heads up to consumers out there. Check other customer reviews like these, not the bbb.


The Leaf Guard worked great in the warm months. But as soon as the snow falls they will freeze over with an ice bridge and icicles will form and water will drip onto the sidewalk creating a dangerous situation.

The company is responsive and will come out and install heat tape to hopefully correct the problem. The heat tape will cost approximately as much as the gutters, but do not purchase them without the heat tape.


Obviously someone from Leaf Guard is calling him or herself "Consumer". Beware what you read on the web.


I live in the woods. Lots of leaves and debris.

I have had Leafguard gutters on my home for 3 years. I have over 300 feet of this stuff. I have never once had a clog or overspill or problem. Even in heavy rains the water goes in and the leaves and debris go over.

These gutters are the best!

You get what you pay for with Leafguard.... The best quality.


Most people that write negative comments are not even customer of any gutter system. They are usually the competition that is trying to damage someone or something.

It's an old trick and I hope that the smart people check everything out from the BBB ratings. They have nothing better to do since they cannot come up with anyother tactic.


I put Leafguard gutters on a cottage in Wisconsin in '96. I am thinking about putting them on my current house and today asked my former neighbor how they look 15 years later. The people who bought the cottage have done a horrible job maintaining it, but the gutters look great.


Gutterly unimpressed!!!!!! I have 119 feet of your standard straight guttering.

typical ranchstyle home 1200sq ft. and recieved an estimate of 5600 for frickin gutters!?? Are you kidding me? it cost me that much to put a new roof on.

The sales man was nice, and not very pushy, but I was not about to sign a contract that was gonna entitle me to pay 47$ per foot. That is just ridiculous! It may be a great investment if i plan on dying in my house, but i dont.

SO ill leave that investment up to someone else. GOod luck and shop wisely!


If Leafguard is as bad as you are making it out to be then BBB wouldn't be giving this company an A+ rating. The comments being made here as a very small fraction of the overall satisfied customers.

If you have LeafGuard on your house but you are posting complaints about it, then it's not going to help in the value of your home.

Get the problems fixed otherwise you are shooting yourself in the wallet. LOL!


They get good ratings and BBB rates them at A+. I would be careful listening to disgruntled people.

As for the pushy rep I talked to was not at all, plus you have 3 business days to change your mind and say no after they are gone. The people posting here simply don't seem like they did their homework or listen fully to what they were being sold.


Ive read all of the posts here and was forced to reply to "ERIC".

You sound like a shady character yourself, and by your own admission, your a criminal. You stated you "wroked at such", implying you installed LeafGuard. If this is true, and I seriously doubt it, then you know that what your stating is completely untrue. It took me about 15 minutes of research to find out that not only is it a pretty decent product, but that the Warrantee and Guarantee are BACKED by TWO organizations. the first Being Englert Metals, who owns the patent on the machines used to make Leafguard. who i might add have been in business over 75 years. (you dont have a company that old by abusing, lying to anc cheating your customers). Secondly they have a 100% satisfaction, MONEY BACK guarantee through "Good Housekeeping". Just 2 minutes of reserach revealed that fun fact.

I agree with Peter, as I also dont have "A dog in this Hunt", You sound like you have a very specific agenda of discrediting LeafGuard. I hope one of thier legal Eagles, takes it upon themselves to search you out, NOT very difficlt in this day and age, and go after you for slander and misrepresentation.

P.S. thanks to your post and my subsequent research, "Eric" I am sure you will be encouraged to know I have decided to have a LeafGuard representative come to myhome and give me an estimate.

Im sure Ill end up purchasing the prodcut as it seems to do exactly as it says it will.


I am an existing LeafGuard customer who must admit that even though they are a bit pricey, you get what you pay for. We had 4 differnet estimates, and LeafGuard fell just about in the Middle. K-Guard was the cheapest, but the local dealer here, well lets just say we will not be doing business with them. The other closest product was Gutter Helmet, and wel they are owned locally by Terminix, and installed my contractors who, well just didnt impress me. We wanted a Gutter Company to install our gutters not a Pest control company.

I have had my gutters for over 10 years now, and have only had to call my local LeafGuard company (LeafGuard of TRIAD, NC) once due to an issue caused by my roofing contractor. The cost for the repair was nothing (for me) as was promised by my sals rep.

The product has resolved numerous problmes we were having, IE, leaves and roof grit clogging my old gutters, (I look in my LeafGuard gutters on occaision and they are as clean as the day they were installed), Water overrunning my old gutters causing water to get into my basement, ( I have No problem with that since my LeafGuard was installed, as a matter of fact, Ive finally been able to keep the garden close to my house that kept getting washed away with my old gutters), the Rotted Fascia I had with my old gutters has not come back with the LeafGuard prodcut.

As I stated before, I have had my LeafGuard up on this home for over "10" years, and we just had it installed on all three of our rental properties. Is it expensive, Yes. But the quality of the product and the company that instaled OUR gutters has been nothing but a phenominal experience.

I was very concerned that my husband would fall off the roof and get hurt, and the price I paid for my gutters is well below the price of a single emergency room visit so the value was good for me.

I am quite pleased and will reccommend this product to anyone that is wanting to take care of thier problem once and for all.

LeafGuard gets my complete and utter approval. They back what they promise both in Guarrantee and Warrantee.

If you Live in the TRIAD or Aashville and surrounding areas of North Carolina, the LeafGuard dealer here is exceptional. :)